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Penis Sleeves – What You Need to Know

Muscle man penis sleeve

Penis sleeves! The myth and the legend of this wonderful extension to the male ego.

What is a Penis Sleeve?

The penis sleeve has many purposes. Most commonly, the penis sleeve is a rigid, but pliable sheath that goes over an erect or semi erect penis. It serves three purposes:

  • It adds firmness to the penis: The penis sleeve will encase a penis that cannot get a fully erect penis and makes penetrative sex a little easier.
  • It certainly adds length to the penis. Some come with different textures and ribbing to add extra pleasure during sex.
  • The penis sleeve also delays ejaculation.

Penis sleeves come in different styles with different features. There are “regular” penis sleeves, these are usually used to keep a soft penis rigid during sex.

Some are ribbed on the outside with ticklers or vibrating rabbit heads to stimulate the clitoris enhancing pleasure during intercourse. Others are ribbed on the inside, this gives intense pleasure to the penis during intercourse, as the ridges rub the penis simulating the vagina.

How to Use

Simple. Simple. Simple. Slip it over an erect or semi erect penis. It is best to know the penis measurements. Comfort is essential.

Depending on what you want to get out of your penis sleeve, depends on what to look for when purchasing. Some may want something to just add a bit of a punch to the clitoris, or give a texture to the penis. Others want to enhance size as well as prolong ejaculation.

Cock and Ball Sling

The penis sleeve that does it all. They contain call loops to keep the sheath in place and also acts as a cock ring keeping the erection harder and longer lasting.

The ideal and our favourite is the Oxballs Muscle Sheath. With all the extra girth and length, the soft rippling ridges on the inside massage the penis. The sling holds the penis erect pulling the testicles up. It also has an extension tip you can insert for extra length.

Muscle cocksheath Oxballs


No and yes. While a penis sleeve does help with Erectile Dysfunction aiding in penetrative sex. They do not address any underlying issues that cause the ED.

A penis that cannot get an erection, (this is usually due to pre-existing medical conditions) – I highly recommend a  hollow dildo. In other words. I lovely hard penis sleeve that you can strap on. This allows for some penetrative intimacy between the two of you.

Add your favourite water-based lube and feel the difference.

Does Size Matter?

Not really. It’s how you use your member.

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