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As Sexy as X-Mas

The holiday season seems to be dragging itself along with torrential rain and utterly unacceptable summer weather.

Secret Corner, as always throws a ray of sexy sunshine and will give you reason to smile or snuggle in a little deeper with sexy ideas to while away the time.

With only days to Christmas – who is your true love? Is it necessary to have a true love to enjoy the holiday spirit – spoil yourself, your best friend, your pen pal, colleague or neighbour. There is always something sexy happening here.

Regardless of price let it be as sexy as … Read more...

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Le Cul-de Sac to U-Topia


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Well. If you ever wondered how many super “Spots” ladies have – hold on tight! We have found another little pleasure spot for you to discover. The U Spot. A hidden treasure trove of orgasmic fun.

The U Spot is found in the erectile tissue around the urethra. Above and to either side of the urethra. Just above the vaginal opening, above the lips. 

Wonderfully named Skene’s Glands, two small ducts on either side of the urethra. Stroke gently and notice how wet you get. 

The tissues surrounding the Skene’s glands swell during stimulation, secreting fluid during arousal. Skene’s glands

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Cunning Cunnilingus

Cunning Cunnilingus

When looking at the word Cunnilingus, it has various interpretations and is summarised in many ways – I quote Urban Dictionary.

“The best thing in the world”

“An art of using your mouth to give sexual satisfaction to a woman’s vagina…”

I happen to love this definition, “A linguistic device, so cunning that all females are reduced to moans and squeals during its application…”

But, however you say it, it always construes to the same meaning. Pure pleasure

Like all sexual pleasure, cunnilingus should be mastered. The vagina is a magical little place of hidden secrets and

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