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Are You Getting Enough Sex?

Sex is so underrated! Did you know that sex boosts your immune system by sending all those feel good chemicals and hormones through your body? Not to mention, a mental and emotional boost?

Here are six reasons you should be having sex every day.

  • It Lowers the Risk of Prostate Cancer

It has been recorded that prostate cancer risk is lowered by 22% for men who ejaculate more often! Gents if you are not having sex daily ensure that you invest in a masturbator – there are so many to choose from. A daily orgasm is vital to your health.… Read more...

what is a dildo vs vibrator secret corner blog

What is the Difference Between Dildos and Vibrators?

The very basic answer is that vibrators use batteries (whether rechargeable or not) to vibrate and dildos just don’t. But lets explore this a little deeper.

We all know that for as long as humans have been having sex, they have also used sex toys. Penis shaped objects carved by hand have been discovered by archaeologists dating back up to 30 000 years. These toys were crafted from all manner of materials, including stone, wood, bone, clay and even Ivory. These days however, a lot more science goes into making a new sex toy and they still come in a

restraints 101 introduction to bondage secret corner

Bondage Restraints 101

Bondage Restraints for Beginners

Bondage, or the sexual practise of restraining a partner or being restrainted, is an exciting and kinky way to take or give control the bedroom. Discover the B in BDSM with this means of delivering punishment and keeping the submissive in control and depriving the sub from being able to move – ideally, to deprive the sub is to enhance the dominants pleasure. It works both ways. Restraining the submissive initially starts with using both hands to hold them down – progressing to different means of restraining.

The first and most important thing around bondage is … Read more...

beginners guide to anal play secret corner blog

A Beginners Guide to Anal Play

A Beginners Guide to Anal Play

Lets face it – Anal Play is a Hot topic. Whether its something that excites you or not its a topic most couples and even singles are intrigued by at some point. So if you are wanting to become a little more eccentric in your sex play and have thought about a bit of anal – then Read on.

beginners anal sex guide - secret corner blog

The myth of anal play has finally been removed and butt pleasure is out in the open. The truth is, Anal Play can be extremely enjoyable and a great addition to your sex life. Here we … Read more...

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