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how to start using a butt plug

How to start using a butt plug

How to start using a butt plug in 3 easy steps and other questions I often get asked about anal sex.

Let’s start at the beginning: What is a butt plug?

In it’s purest form it is a toy shaped specifically to be used in your bum. It will generally have a slightly tapered tip, going into a more bulbus shape, and then back into a smaller taper ending with a flared/wide base. The end is important for safety, your anal toy needs to have a base or end that acts like a stopper so that you do not run


Top Selling Sex Toys for Men 2020

Real sex positivity applies to everyone. The world of sex toys for men has opened and we are excited to say, we apply sexual pleasure equally, and remove the idea that male masturbation has a stigma or that anal play is taboo for men.

Father’s Day is in a couple of days and things are really tough out there. We are relegated to staying at home – and most of what we love has been embargoed. But not for us. We keep the sexy fun right at your fingertips.

Secret Corner live up to our pristine reputation. Good sex. Better … Read more...

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No Shave Movember – Prostate Health November

November is focused on prostate cancer and creating awareness on this disease. Knowledge is power and can change the prognosis drastically.

Early detection is the key to vital life choices.  With early detection 98% chances of survival beyond five years is attainable, however, later detection 26% have chances of survival beyond 5 years.

The obvious is education. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in South African men. Know the facts.

November is a gentle reminder that as many women who suffer breast cancer, is equal to as many men who suffer prostate cancer. Best we educate ourselves on early … Read more...

what is anal douching secret corner

What is Anal Douching?

What is Anal Douching?

I think its quite natural to discuss anal douching. We openly discuss orgasms, masturbation, and we discuss anal sex. Here is the lowdown on anal douching without blushing.

Anal douching is widely practiced, it is not wrong and not essential. Then, why is an anal douche needed?

Well, it’s not essential, but as we know the anus is not a clean place. Most have a shower prior to any intimacy more certainly when anal is discussed. However, it is not always planned. And, well, accidents do happen. The reason people douche, (and it is not essentially … Read more...

beginners guide to anal play secret corner blog

A Beginners Guide to Anal Play

The Beginners Guide to Anal Sex

Lets face it – Anal Play is a Hot topic. Whether its something that excites you or not, its a topic most couples and even singles are intrigued by at some point. So if you are wanting to become a little more eccentric in your sex play and have thought about a bit of anal – then Read on.

beginners anal sex guide - secret corner blog

The taboo of anal play is slowly being removed and butt pleasure is becoming something more frequently tried and discussed. The truth is, Anal Play can be extremely enjoyable (for both men and women!) and

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