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Top Selling Sex Toys for Men 2020

Real sex positivity applies to everyone. The world of sex toys for men has opened and we are excited to say, we apply sexual pleasure equally, and remove the idea that male masturbation has a stigma or that anal play is taboo for men.

Father’s Day is in a couple of days and things are really tough out there. We are relegated to staying at home – and most of what we love has been embargoed. But not for us. We keep the sexy fun right at your fingertips.

Secret Corner live up to our pristine reputation. Good sex. Better … Read more...

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Are you feeling Sexually Frustrated? Stress Less and Have More Sex

So, are you feeling sexually frustrated? You may be looking to release that sexual energy pent up inside you. Sexual frustration is more common than you think and it happens when when we become agitated as a result of not being satisfied with your sex life. Yes, you may be having regular sex but still be sexually frustrated. Sexual frustration occurs when you are not satisfied with the sex or intimacy your are having, whether or not you are lacking it.

So here we are. Wanting to end this madness and agitation of sexual frustration. This is not uncommon. You … Read more...


Yes! Men Can Multiple Orgasm Too

Most know and understand the male orgasm as ejaculation. When it comes to multiple orgasms, sadly, compared to women, men don’t hold the same advantage. Let it be known, guys can also achieve multiple orgasms. They just need to develop the understanding of how this is done.

What we think, is, that the male orgasm is ejaculation. This could not be further from the truth. Both are two separate processes, controlled by different parts of the brain and nervous system.

If you are dying to try it, then you need to understand how to handle each reflex independently.

As we …

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Oh my! Anal O

A new look into anal play – We explore the latest in anal massage and stimulation. The Peristalsis, latest in anal massagers is ideally designed to stimulate natural rhythms of the inner and outer sphincters.

Simple, sleek and designed to stimulate peristaltic sensations within the anal canal, effectively self-massaging the anal-rectal area. Toning and massaging the lower body systems, endorsing Pro-State Prostate Massage.

Specifically designed to improve blood circulation and pelvic muscle strength. As the Peristalsis tries to eject the device, the sphincter retains it. Interesting series of muscle stimulation. This gives a form of kegel locking spasms which is … Read more...

P is for Pegging

P is for Pegging

What is Pegging?

Pegging, as it is commonly known as, the new dimension of couples play. Men have become more giving to the idea of women taking charge of his bottom with a strap on and commanding he bend and part for a little anal play!

Fact – There is a 300% increase in the number for heterosexual couples using strap on dildos and with men being more open to the idea of female to male anal fun. With 100% increase in sales on strap on and harnesses, this has taken a leap into the front row of dildo and … Read more...

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A Beginners Guide to Anal Play

The Beginners Guide to Anal Sex

Lets face it – Anal Play is a Hot topic. Whether its something that excites you or not, its a topic most couples and even singles are intrigued by at some point. So if you are wanting to become a little more eccentric in your sex play and have thought about a bit of anal – then Read on.

beginners anal sex guide - secret corner blog

The taboo of anal play is slowly being removed and butt pleasure is becoming something more frequently tried and discussed. The truth is, Anal Play can be extremely enjoyable (for both men and women!) and

love your butt love anal play blog secret corner

Love Your Butt – Love Anal Play

Love Your Butt – Love Anal Play

Taking the myth out of anal sex – unravelling the benefits of this taboo subject. It’s important to talk about all kinds of sex.

Voted the number 1 taboo in sexual behaviour that most heterosexual couples want to try. But the natural curiosity about our bodies makes us want to discover the holy grail of anal sex.

Yes, it’s going to hurt initially, but that’s why we keep a range of luxury lubricants handy to ease you gently into the experience. We suggest Pjur Back Door Lube or H2O Anal Warming Lube to … Read more...

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