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Our 2nd Anniversary – The Best Kept Secret

We have rolled over another year – Secret Corner is two years old – and we want to thank you all for your unbelievable support and belief in us. We are obviously doing something right. But we would not have gone this far without any of you!

We moved to our new shop – and amid the chaos – our regular customers popped in, some with an edge of curiosity, and others elated at the growth sprint that we had accomplished. And that was… months ago.

Each customer who has been a part of “The Secret Corner Experience” – whether you bought a box of condoms or the top of the range vibrator. You are all so very important to us and we make every effort to get to know you individually.

Secret Corner is about intimacy. Keeping the intimacy in your relationship and keeping and understanding your own personal level of intimacy you have with yourself. We never stop educating ourselves to assure you that you are in safe hands and a safe and beautiful space.

secret corner 2nd anniversary

Our motto, “We Can Keep A Secret, Can You?” Indeed, we can and everyone who either enters our doors, or contacts us via any medium, we assure the utmost discretion with pride. Giving you a space where you, not only shop, but your entire experience is just that, an experience. The Secret Corner Experience!

We love to sit back after a day, and think about who has been in, the questions that have been asked and items that have been requested. We pay fine attention to detail and requests; and do our best to meet your specific needs or ideas.

I sometimes ponder on various things and head off to my favourite encyclopedia (who we will not name) – and there, I expose myself to every single question, every product that has been requested or asked about, and ensure that I know the answers. I don’t always. But I do my best and love what I do.

Truth be told. I am a theoretical Sex Fiend – And savor every moment of discovery that our customers share with me; and I with them.

We were invited to attend a Women’s Day High Tea at the Wild Coast Sun. We sat and planned what we would discuss, feverishly wrote down notes, stats, numbers and figures. Ideals and thoughts.  But when I got up to talk – nothing was in any form – everything that I had discovered by being at Secret Corner, every day and discussing with our clients, researching trends, what was hot and what was not – and the absolute acceptance for sexual freedom. It claims no race, no culture and no orientation and certainly no age. I shot directly from my hip. I was breathless at the hope and pleasure that the women emanated. I was proud to be a part of Secret Corner – I’d have it no other way.

We pledged and will continue to pledge to our clients, our friends and anyone who is honestly just seeking some level of information, our best attention always. If we do not have it, in your size or at all. Trust me, we will get it. And you will be the sexiest person you choose to be – regardless.

secret corner 2nd anniversary celebrations secret corner 2nd anniversary - customers celebrating cupcakes - secret corner 2nd anniversary celebration

And now we are two – teething problems are a thing of the past – our big teeth have been cut, and we have developed, not only an eclectic and very colourful client base; who trust us implicitly, we have developed, The Best Kept Secret – and beyond. We have maintained the elegance and style that we have had from the beginning, we just got better.

So, raise your glass with us, as we celebrate two years. Two years of meeting amazing people. Not to mention the two years of learning and discovering each single one of our treasured customers. You are more than our customers, you are all individual people – and we will ensure you that we keep you satisfied.

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