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Sex-Ed with Meg – Who is Meg?

Sex-Ed with Meg…Sex Ed at Secret Corner is a vital aspect of keeping our clients informed and ensuring that they are given the highest level of information that is sensible and easy to comprehend, without being intimidating. 

Who is Meg?

Meg is our resident Sexpert. With years of experience in media and journalism, she also has a lust for researching information. And ensuring that our customers are given the information they need and that it is given in a comprehensive manner. 

Having worked closely with a popular South African Sexologist, Meg picked up a few interesting tricks herself, and decided that this needed to be put into a practice of her own.

Years of journalistic and researching experience and a penchant for writing sexually explicit blogs. (That had to have come from somewhere). We thought her to be ideal for Secret Corner. 

What Makes Meg Ideal

Paying attention to what customers is vital in our industry. Making sure that the intimate details of each customer are dealt with with discretion and understanding.

A little  knowledge about sex can go a long way, people generally shy away from the “S” word; it’s time to tackle the the 4 “T’s” – Touch (lack of it during foreplay). Time (not enough) Trust (lack of it) Information is at your disposable and we make it our business to pass that knowledge accessible to our customers.


Couples come in wanting to find something to spice up the 30 year marriage. We get to the root of the issue. Job, medication or stresses. Information is at our fingertips, and it is our responsibility to pass that onto our clients. Understanding erectile dysfunction and how it impacts on a couple or a man, for that matter. That is a sensitive question to ask or even wish to discuss. Meg takes it in her stride. Her knowledge on ED is profound, ensuring the the correct and healthy information is passed on. And this applies to request for tablets. He may walk in asking for a tablet to keep his erection longer, but leave with something completely different. And that is what makes us happy. Our customer asked a simple question and Meg, of Sexpert, gave him a plethora of information and something to enhance his libido. He left Secret Corner empowered and happy. This is what we aspire to do. 

Anatomy of Sexuality in Women

Women come in often terrified at the notion of want to have an orgasm. Or not feeling as wet as she would like to, can lead to interesting conversation and information. The anatomy of a women’s vagina changes through a myriad if things. We make sure that we understand the changes from a clinical perspective so as to enhance the sexuality of the issue at hand. (no pun intended). Research, is what Meg loves to do and passing on the information onto our customers is vital that they leave satisfied, empowered and ready to go home and have that orgasm she has been trying to have, or feel as alluring as she chooses. That woman leaves Secret Corner with a vital sense of sexual purpose. And that, is what we pride ourselves in. 

A Bit Tied Up

Bondage play or edging onto kink play is practiced more often than we think. This has not only a history, but it is an entire culture. And cannot be taken flippantly. There are rules of the “game” – there are elements that cannot betaken for granted. It is vital to find out a little more when someone comes in for bondage items. Where do they start? Is usually a common question. “Play nicely”, Meg insists. Follow the rules. Start off subtly, ultimately it is not about the sale at the end of the day, but rather a returning and happy couple or customer. With eons of research and interest in kink life, we are able to offer safe and sound information onto our bondage curious couple or individual.  ‘

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