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Lets Talk About Sex – Talk at Wild Coast Sun

Let’s Talk About Sex – Talk at Wild Coast Sun

It was such an honour to be given the opportunity to take Secret Corner to The Wild Coast Sun – and give a talk at the Women’s Day banquet, to discuss sexual health and sexual hygiene.

What appealed to me the most was the absolute interest that these women had as they sat and listened intently as we told them to own their sexuality.

We discussed the necessity to have an orgasm, that intimate play was vital in sexual health. With vibrators and kegel balls in hand, clitoris vibes, stimulants and other toys; to these humble women from the Transkei, were merely ideals. But they looked at and touched and the absolute awe that they displayed was worth every moment.

Lets Talk About Sex - Secret Corner Event

I essentially had an agenda, wrote down notes, committed facts and figures to memory – but after watching these amazing women sing and dance and witness how natural they were – they certainly did own their sexuality. In the way they moved their hips, and sank to the floor, they owned their bodies. And it was glorious to have had the pleasure of being a part of it.

Yes, we were entertained, and it went of for a lot longer than we anticipated. But to have had the opportunity to discuss sexuality, and orgasms and the use of lubricants and how important loving yourself was, to these wonderful women, made it all worthwhile.

Lets Talk About Sex Audience Photo

The sheer amazement that emanated from each woman, young and old was every reason to know why Secret Corner does what we do. We empower women and give them the means and the knowledge to claim what is theirs. Their sexuality and to love their bodies in every possible way.

I was one of them – they drew me in and sat eagerly as we discussed and asked questions – Love your Vagina! Embrace your body… teach your partner, this is not a race, this is your pleasure.

To every woman – young or old, lesbian or not, you took us into your hearts and let us witness what it is that sets Secret Corner apart… We are an entire experience.

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