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Anchor Prostate Stimulator

This prostate stimulator will help you discover pleasure ...

R 490,00

Butt Plus Prostate Vibrator

The Butt Plus Prostate Vibrator perfect for prostate ...

R 615,00

Delight CNC vibrator

This elegant Delight CNC vibrator is perfect for someone ...

R 2090,00

Invader Prostate Plug

This prostate plug will give you more intense orgasms and ...

R 360,00

Mystim Curving Curt

Curving Curt is flexible thanks to its Flex &Stay ...

R 1280,00

Orgonix Probe | Head Prostate Massager

Orgonix Probe | Head Prostate Massager is a uniquely shaped ...

R 460,00

Silicone Flexi Prostate Vibrator

The Silicone Flexi is perfect for G-spot or Prostate ...

R 420,00

Prostate Massagers & Stimulators

Prostate Massagers are Male Sex Toys designed to improve your sex life. Although once considered taboo - Prostate Stimulators are becoming increasingly popular in helping men reach the much desired 'P - Spot' for a mind blowing Orgasm. With our carefully selected collection of  p-spot massage toys, perfect prostate pleasure is now within your reach.

Prostate Dildos & Vibrators

Try Anal Prostate Dildos and Prostate Vibrators designed to stimulate the prostate in conjunction with penile stimulation to discover pleasure like never before. These luxurious male g-spot sex toys, will allow you, either solo or with your lover, to reach orgasmic bliss.

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