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Airtech Reusable Masturbator | Tenga

This Airtech Reusable Masturbator has a firm and effective ...

R 715,00

Bethanie | Pocket Masturbator

This Bethanie Pocket Masturbator is a real shaped Vagina ...

R 260,00

Butt and Pussy Masturbator

This Butt and Pussy Masturbator has been made from ...

R 1370,00

Carissa | Anal Male Stroker

Carissa is a fine piece of ass

R 260,00

Cobra 2 Masturbator

Stimulate the head of your penis like never before!

R 2560,00

Espresso Male Masturbator

Love yourself with this espresso male masturbator

R 620,00

Flight Instructor | Fleshlight

Lightweight, Discreet Male Masturbator

R 1140,00

Fun Zone Vulcan Ripe Vagina Masturbator

This Ripe Vagina Masturbator has intense ribbing and a ...

R 420,00

Hot Octopuss Solo 2

The Worlds First Guybrator

R 1740,00

Ice Lady Crystal Masturbator

This Fleshlight is so lifelike you would swear it was the ...

R 1330,00

Malesation Double Joy | Masturbator

Indulge with this Double Joy Masturbator by Malesation

R 815,00

Mary Vagina + Anal Masturbator

Enjoy a double opening - Vagina + Anus

R 520,00

Orlaith | Mouth Male Masturbator

Take this Orlaith Pocket Pussy everywhere you go

R 260,00

Pocket size male masturbator | Aggie

Aggie Pocket size is a handy pocket sized masturbator, its ...

R 260,00

Pure Fleshlight Masturbator

This Fleshlight Pure Masturbator has a pliable stealth ...

R 1465,00

Quickshot Vantage Masturbator

The Quickshot Vantage Masturbator is more then half the ...

R 780,00

Remote Pocket Pulse

This Pocket Pulse is a light weight stroker which delivers ...

R 1510,00

Savanah Vagina Masturbator

Realistic Feeling Vagina Masturbator - Savanah

R 405,00

Spider | Hands-Free Masturbator

Spider | Hands-Free Masturbator is the all encompassing ...

R 1185,00

Stamina Training Unit | Fleshlight Masturbator

The Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit, provides you with the ...

R 1350,00
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Masturbators for Men & Pocket Pussy

Men, get off easier and with much more pleasure with Male Masturbators. When going solo it can be fun, but Secret Corner wants to make it even better. Browse our vast range of naughty male sex toys and you will be sure to find the greatest of men's adult toys.

Masturbator Toys - Adult Toys for Men

We have in stock Fun Factory's Cobrathe Octopuss Pulse, the people's favorite Tenga Masturbators and the world renowned Fleshlights, and we will always be adding new ways to get you off. There are many different Sex Toys for MenRead more about Masturbators Here.

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