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Metal Worx Anal Butt Plug

Metal Worx Anal Butt Plug for those looking to add a little ...

R 1380,00

Mystim Bal(l)zac Balldildo

Mystim Bal(l)zac Balldildo can be used with the tension ...

R 2740,00

Mystim Barry Bite | Nipple Clamps

Barry Bite | Nipple Clamps bi-polar clamps that allow you ...

R 1070,00

Mystim Curving Curt

Curving Curt is flexible thanks to its Flex &Stay ...

R 1280,00

Mystim Tension Lover | E-Stim Device

The Mystim Electro Stimulation Tension Lover power unit can ...

R 2900,00


While flames are great, add some electricity with Electrostimulation. Electro-Stim will add sparks to your love life and allow you to experience waves of pleasure with our electrosex toy selection. Begin with the gentlest of tingles or turn it up to full and beprepared to be at a loss of words...and breath.

Electrical Stimulators and Electrical Stimulation

Brands like Mystim and products like Electrical Stimulators, can create shocking experiences and add sparks of pleasure to the love life with Electrical Stimulation and our range of accessories to choose from.

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