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Beginners Anal Toys and Accessories

Explore your wildest fantasies by trying Anal for the first time - Secret Corner has everything you will need to introduce anal play into the bedroom. Choose between our Small Beginners Anal Sex Toys, Lubricants and Toy Cleaners. Read our A Beginners Guide to Anal Play for more information. 

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Adventure | Anal Relaxing Serum

Create Adventure with this Anal Serum

R 475,00

Anal Douche Kit

Anal Douche Kit easy to use and hygienic, for male and ...

R 395,00

Anal Prober

Anal Prober a perfect anal toy for beginners and its made ...

R 190,00

Anal Relax Lube

Relax and enjoy!

R 210,00

Analyse Me! Comfort Glide

Analyse Me! Comfort Glide is a water-based lubricant ...

R 420,00

Ass-Jacker Curved Butt Plug

This Ass-Jacker Curved Butt Plug is the perfect size and ...

R 260,00

Back Door Anal Lube | Pjur

Back Door Lube 100ml | Pjur is a relaxing Anal Glide made ...

R 370,00

Back Door Spray

The Back Door Spray helps make anal play more comfortable

R 400,00

Bubbles | Rocks Off Petite Sensations

This petite anal toy is perfect for beginners to advanced ...

R 540,00

Butt Plug | Rocks Off Petite Sensations

The Petite Sensations Plug has a tapered tip and elegant ...

R 540,00

Diogol Anni T2 - Jewel Butt Plug

This Butt Plug is beautiful and stylish

R 870,00

Ease | Silicone Relaxing Anal Glide

This Lube is all about Ease

R 550,00

Jelly Flex Anal Plug

This Anal Plug is a pleasure device designed to satisfy ...

R 320,00

Melt | Warming Glide

Warm your partner up with this Melt Warming Glide

R 325,00

Pearls | Rocks Off Petite Sensations

The Pearls Petite Sensations Anal Toy are vibrating anal ...

R 540,00

Pjur Analyse Me | Anal Glide

The Pjur Analyse Me Anal Relaxing Glide is a popular Anal ...

R 415,00

Pjur Cool Lube

This lubricant has menthol in it to refresh and excite your ...

R 390,00

Soothe Anal Antibacterial Lube

Soothe Anal Antibacterial Lube comes in a 120ml bottle

R 360,00

Beginners Anal Toys and Accessories

Explore your widlest fantases by trying Anal for the first time, Secret Corner has everything you will need to start playing. Read more about brining anal play into the bedroom with our blog "A Beginners Guide to Anal Play"

Buy Beginners Anal Toys

We have All Things Anal for Beginners available at Secret Corner. Small Beginners Anal Sex Toys, Lubricants, Toy Cleaners and so much more! 

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