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50 Shades Delicious Fullness Butt Plug

50 Shades Delicious Fullness Vibrating Butt Plug is a ...

R 620,00

Adventure | Anal Relaxing Serum

Create Adventure with this Anal Serum

R 475,00

Anal Douche Kit

Anal Douche Kit easy to use and hygienic, for male and ...

R 395,00

Anal Prober

Anal Prober a perfect anal toy for beginners and its made ...

R 190,00

Anal Relax Lube

Relax and enjoy!

R 210,00

Anal Set | Beginners

Secret Corner now has a Beginners Anal Package so you will ...

R 650,00

Ass-Jacker Curved Butt Plug

This Ass-Jacker Curved Butt Plug is the perfect size and ...

R 260,00

Beyond Erotic Anal Toy

Beyond Erotic Anal Toy is the best toy for a fulfilling and ...

R 995,00

Bfilled Classic Unleashed

This small anal plug is designed with a flared base making ...

R 595,00

Bouncer Dildo

Shake this Dildo to make sure your G-spot or P-spot is hit ...

R 1420,00
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Colors available

Bubbles | Rocks Off Petite Sensations

This petite anal toy is perfect for beginners to advanced ...

R 540,00

Derriere Delights

Love your butt with this Feranti Rocks Off Anal Toy Set

R 555,00

Diogol Anni Round Silver Plated T3

Diogol Anni Round Silver Plated T3 is an exquisitely ...

R 865,00

Diogol Anni | T2

This Butt Plug is beautiful and stylish

R 810,00

Ditto Anal Plug

The We-Vibe Ditto is a vibrating anal plug

R 2140,00
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Colors available

Double Intruder Vibrator

The Double Intruder Vibrator will make sure that everything ...

R 380,00

Driven By Desire | Anal Plug

Driven By Desire is the perfect Anal Plug for beginners to ...

R 340,00

Ease | Silicone Relaxing Anal Glide

This Lube is all about Ease

R 550,00

Feel So Alive | Anal Butt Plug

This Vibrating Anal Plug will help you experience anal play ...

R 1940,00

Hugo Prostate Massager

This Hugo Prostate Massager is remote-controlled. This ...

R 3995,00
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Anal Beads, Anal Plugs and Anal Toys

Explore new pleasures and possibilities with our Anal Toys. The female pleasure area, as we know, is rich in nerves and sends shivers when simulated and the anal area is no different. When stimulated you will be experienceing a whole new dimension of sexual euphoria. Secret Corner carries a extensive range of anal toys to fulfill your every dark desire,from anal beads, plugs and probes.

Butt Plugs and Anal Douches

While many believe Anal Play to be a daunting act it can be very enjoyable with Vibrating Butt Plugs, Anal Plugs, Anal Beads, Dildosand so much more from Secret Corner. To find out more about Anal Play, Read more about Anal Toys.

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