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Womanizer – THE Sex Toy of 2021 – Meg’s Review

Meg, our regular Sexpert has done some homework and has this to say about the fabulous Womanizer range of purring air technology clitoral stimulation for women. Womanizer has won the battle of clitoral orgasms, hands down! Womanizer – THE Sex Toy of 2021.

Womanizer Liberty

Well, Womanizer has upped it’s game in terms of design and functionality. Womanizer Liberty is no exception. Small, compact and sexy by design,  packed with the latest in Air Technology power.

Ergonomically designed, Womanizer Liberty,  fits snugly over the clitoris, cupping it, making it a useful couples play toy. Penetration is easy with the Liberty cupping your clit.

What do I love about it?

Everything. The edging, slow orgasm, taking you closer, and you have control. Lifting and replacing it over the clitoris, easing the orgasm in your own time. Powerful? Hell yes.

Features – Are they worth all the fuss?

The Womanizer Liberty  comes in a neat polished little pod, unlike the usual vibrators Liberty has “Pleasure Air Technology” giving you the touchless  waves of pleasure orgasm. The gentle humming gives pressure waves of suction pleasure. The results? A longer lasting and more intense orgasm.

 how to use a womanizer

Image source: Womanizer



I chose my Womanizer Liberty in the Wine Red. Red just screams sexy! The sexy and shiny little power pack pod came in a neat magnetic little box. The snap on hardy cover making your Womanizer Liberty so discreet you can take it anywhere. Added to the pleasure package is an extra, slightly bigger nozzle. Keep it handy.

My Conclusion

For the not so “popping” orgasm choose the Womanizer Liberty – Take your time and get to know your orgasm. Discover the pleasure of Edging. Womanizer Liberty is the perfect little pleasure partner – for both, flying solo or an added benefit to couples play.

Special Features

Womanizer Liberty has a quick one, two, three magnetic recharge port on the outside back of your Liberty. Ideal for some wet, I mean really wet fun. Womanizer Liberty is waterproof and ready for action regardless of where you are.

In Love with Lily Allen

Together we liberate sexuality. Feel empowered with Lily’s own Womanizer special edition! Jazzy orange and fuchsia pink living up to the Liberty orgasmic power.

secret corner womanizer lily allen

Empower Yourself. Free Yourself. Feel Yourself!

Womanizer Premium Clitoral Stimulator

I love it when I am asked to review a premium brand – you really do feel the difference. Womanizer Premium leaves nothing out. 

The Womanizer Premium comes in luxurious deep red,  black, white and luscious burgundy, The elegant gold band around the handle is pure classic class. The handle is shapely letting the cup suck gently without slipping out of place.

Coated in a soft and silky silicone with a matt finish.  Not leaving anything out, they have mastered the pressure wave technology, giving touchless clitoral stimulation, and class. O4024144770403

h your clitoris has been sucked in my air and you are on the edge of “Edging” 

Womanizer Premium

Specifics – Is it worth the Upgrade?

Yes definitely!

The Womanizer Premium firstly, has 12 orgasmic levels of intensity, the Premium has s much softer first level (for those with a sensitive clitoris) The build up phases really worked for me.

The Smart Silence mode means that your product wont activate unless it is held up close and personal to you body, regardless if the power is on or not. This makes for those quick silent modes and will restart from the level you last left it on.  I love the discretion that Womanizer have in the design and technology of their products.

They have covered all the bases of the touchless clitoral orgasm.

The third mode is the Autopilot Mode. Simply press the button to activate Autopilot and get lost is the progressive modes of intensity. Hands free? No, not quite. 


The Womanizer Premium is beautifully packaged, not overly explicit, but rather elegant and tasteful. Inside the box will you your extra head (keep it close by), your charger cable and a drawstring pouch.

My Overall Opinion?

It is a perfect spoil yourself gift. Or gifting someone special. Pricy but beauty and elegance comes at a price. The ultimate in touchless orgasms. Womanizer Premium is elegant, with a mind of its own and a must for the discerning woman who knows what she wants! Womanizer has mastered the art of woman’s pleasure.

Womanizer Duo

The magical duo of suction and penetration together? Well that is one for the books!

Womanizer are a bit pricy, but they are truly incredible and not a pulse has been compromised on. 

The luxurious Womanizer Duo is the first in its kind in combining the two together. Suction pressure wave with the bliss of g-spot vibration. That is a lot of technology to add into a single toy. The result? Pleasure does not always come in small packages.

What I Love 

I love the technology that has gone into optimising the use of both penetration and air pleasure. A whopping 20 cm length makes it slightly cumbersome, but once you get used to handling it the 10 cm of insertion shaft will lift you off by gently stroking your g-spot.

The Smart Silent Mode is on by default, meaning that it will not turn on unless it is near your skin, even with the power on – How smart is that? This can be deactivated if you want. I rather liked it – a bit of a tease if you ask me. 

The 12 suction intensities are easy to navigate via the 5 buttons and dial-pad will cycle you through the 10 vibration patterns.

That is a whole lot of technology jammed into one pleasure toy. 


As always, Womanizer goes all out on packaging. It is a beautiful brand and always aesthetically pleasing. Tasteful and complete with all the extra add-ons. Extra nozzle, charging cable and beautiful satin bag. 

My Pros

I love the dual stimulation. The combination of the sucking air technology and the gentle g-spot stroking is divine. 


I have a few. I think it is a bit awkward and difficult to handle, I lost a bit of focus trying to balance everything. It is a bit cumbersome and the buttons confused me. I read a few other reviews on this and, sadly is the general consensus. 

Overall Thoughts

I love Womanizer, the brand. All of their products are elegant and refined. Tastefully packaged and I love the warranty it comes with. It’s pricy, but sometimes pleasure does come at a price. 

My only real issue is the magnetic charge point is not really as sturdy as it could be, and slips away while on charge. So check your baby while on charge to ensure she is ready for fun when you are.

This is


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