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What you want to know about Love Swings

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Swinging from the chandeliers?  Who doesn’t want to take their sex play to higher levels? And, we literally mean “higher levels”.

Sex swings and harnesses have become a popular asset to the bedside drawer, taking your intimate play to a completely different level. We have entered the idea of, “sub space” –  and rigging, higher levels of bondage creating a euphoria between rigger and model. This requires technique and skill, that I might add, is not acquired overnight. So, let’s set that aside for now and explore other options.

what you need to know about sex swings - secret corner

The not so complex sex swing has become a popular idea to add to adult play. And it does not require the physique of an athlete or the stamina of a marathon runner, just a little skill, a lot of laughs and spice as you explore each other suspended, delivering zero gravity sex! And that is what we are talking about. A series of supports hung from a door frame or secure beam. Some harnesses require a hole drilled in the ceiling. If none of these options are available to you, invest in a frame which are available on request.

Sex swing choices are vast, from complex suspensions to the basic door slam swing, which I might add is the most popular. We love the Fetish Fantasy Door Swing. This swing comes with two adjustable harnesses, four loops: two wrists and two thighs, allowing the suspended to enjoy the freedom of exploring different positions, while enjoying the intimacy of working together to reach the higher levels of play. A lot of fun and not something that you will master overnight. But the sturdy Fetish Fantasy Door Swing gives you the opportunities to explore new and exciting meaning to your sex positions!

Missionary with a difference lets her sit with her legs wide apart, using the straps for support as he penetrates her. The rocking movement the swing allows for deeper and more intense thrusts… and literally rock her world!

Lean back and relax while you enjoy mind blowing oral sex – both man and women can enjoy powerful and breaching orgasms by gently rocking back and forth, in control of your own pleasure.

If a little solo play is all you need for now – then the Door Swing lets you lie on your back and explore your covert zones – for a little added play invest in a suction cup dildo and revel in the deep penetration swinging gives you.

Add some fun and include a little light bondage and get just that much closer to “subspace” – after all that is where we are heading!

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