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Vibrators – What Are They and How do I Choose

Vibrators for Women

Womens vibrators are a great way to explore your sexuality, to discover what you really like and what you don’t. Whether playing solo or with a partner there are a fantastic range of vibrators out there for every desire.

So we realise there is an overwhelming range of vibrators our there- from clitoral vibrators to g-spot vibrators, from pulsators to thrusting vibrators – and the list goes on. So this blog aims to give you some helpful hints on the different sex toys for women and choosing whats good for you. 

How Do i Choose My First Vibrator

First of all – There is no best vibrator. What works for one may not work so well for another. And as you learn your body and change and grow (and yes these keeps happening even into your 50’s and 60’s) a vibrator that works for you now may not work so well for you later.

One thing to keep in mind is that you get battery operated vibes, rechargeable vibes and plug-in electric vibrators or massagers. The plug in ones are bigger, heavier and stronger and they need to be plugged in to use them. Battery operated vibes are usually lighter and slightly less powerful although more than powerful enough for a strong orgasm. Rechargeable vibrators tend to be a little more pricey but are becoming increasingly popular as they are quick and easy to charge and being stranded without batteries is never a problem.

The Bullet Vibrator
Shaped like an egg or bullet – these vibrators are small and usually carry a i pretty intense buzz. They are used for external stimulation (intense clitoral stimulation) and are small enough to fit between two people. These also often take the discreet shape of lipstick vibrators and are popular for travelling with.

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The Gspot Vibrator
These can be smaller or bigger depending on your preference – but regardless of size they often have a curved or swollen tip to ensure they reach and stimulate the g-spot. These are a popular choice for vibrators for women.

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The Roger Rabbit Vibrator

The dual stimulating rabbit vibrator is perfect for those who want simultaneous clitoral and g-spot stimulation. Despite its popularity this may not be the best choice for beginners who are still learning what they like. When choosing a rabbit vibrator i recommend knowing your bosy. how far is your g-spot to your clitoris – how long do you need the shaft of this vibrator to be to hit both zones simultaneously? Of course even if you shouldn’t hit both spots at the same time this vibrator can be lots of fun to stimulate both spots. After all almost 75% of women cant orgasm without clitoral stimulation.

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Egg Vibrators

Vibrating Eggs and Wireless Egg Vibrators a small egg shaped vibrators that are inserted for internal g-spot stimulation. You can keep the control or hand it to your partner to control the vibration speed and patterns.

The most important tip is to do what feels good. Try external stimulation – the clitoris, labia, anus, nipples and then try internal stimulation. Try different positions and don’t be afraid to move the vibrator- try stroking, thrusting or circling motions. Try more pressure and then less pressure, faster movements and slower movements. There is no right or wrong way. Once you have found what you like keep doing that, but do forget to keep re-trying different sensations. What you love today may not be what you love a month later – and that’s ok.

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