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valentines day gift ideas secret corner

Valentines Gift Guide 2019

Why do we celebrate Valentines Day? Do we need an excuse to love? Or feel loved? Or sexy for that matter? Should these things not be celebrated every day?

The many origins of Valentines day have evolved – from Chaucer, composing a poem in honour of the engagement of Richard the third, to Pagan festivals and Roman roots. All obscurely clouded and not really revealing the true meaning of this auspicious day.

valentines day gift ideas secret corner

We, at Secret Corner believe that love is love and should be celebrated every day. We are exposed to love every day – Self-love, couples seeking pleasure – love, gay love, just love. There are many ways to put celebration into love, without waiting for the month of February.

Well, it does have its advantages, couples with children set time aside, get a babysitter and celebrate their love. Restaurants are packed to capacity, every shop is embellished in red, and there is a confetti frenzy around.

This year we recommend you prep for a sexy date night in. Avoid the crowds and rather enjoy something intimate. Below are a few gift ideas that we highly recommend this valentines day:

1. Couples Sex Toys
Adult toys are way beyond what they used to be – having morphed from leather dildos to remote control or even better, Android app operated. You can celebrate each other across continents now. Sexy play is at the tip of your fingers; regardless. Remote controlled gadgets that fit in, clamp and vibrate allowing you to experience the tingling vibrations together – and explore different positions, and perhaps enter unknown territories.

2. Adult Games
Adult board games open portals of communication between couples. Questions are asked that you might not really have the courage to ask. Strip and tease, Fifty Days of Pleasure and decks of cards that skirt on the edge of the Karma Sutra. Why not? These games are smoking hot and challenge you to explore different dimensions of your sexy play.

3. Erotic & Intimate Massage
Intimate massage is always something that is well received and given. Using erotic massage oils or try massage candles. The candle burns, leaving a warm massage oil – pungent with erotic scents. Add your favourite massage wand, if you don’t have one, invest in one. Lelo Smart Wand is a worldwide bestseller. It is flexible to reach those hidden corners.

shunga erotic massage intimate collection

4. Flavoured Lubes and Oral Glides
Become the dessert with oral edible lubricants in Wild Cherry or Choco Mint. Invest in some body chocolate – or nipple gloss. All deliciously edible and safe to use. A smorgasbord of tantalising tastes and sensations.

5. Sexy Lingerie for Women or Men
Finally. Lingerie. Nothing beats the erotic beauty of sublime lingerie. The styles are breath taking, leaving little or nothing to the imagination. Soft and silky lace, bra and panty set. Floor length night wear is both elegant as it is sexy. Ideal for the stay at home evening. Sexy has no size, there is always something perfect to suit everyone. From silk to leather and lace. Gorgeous corsets that will shape, lift and intrigue.

We have sought out the best to make your Valentines Day perfect. With specially packed “Date Night” gift packs to suit your personal taste.

Don’t wait for Valentines day to celebrate love – choose to love every single day. Discover different ways to keep the love fires burning –. We may not be able to keep the flames alive – but our society dictates, time is a thief, we run circles – not stopping for long enough to keep the embers alive.

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