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Top 20 Vibrators for Women

vibrators in a vase

Genitals come in all shapes and sizes. We believe that sex toys should too.

All too often we forge the intricate dips and dales of a vagina, and to pay attention to the vagina, you will certainly find a vibrator and or sex toy to suit your own personal sex style. 

We are all different in what turns us on. We pay so much attention to the anatomy, and less attention to vibrators. Their shape and functionality. 

Allow me to introduce you to the top 20 vibrators for women. Your new BFF

When it comes to sex toys, there is a lot at your disposal. We tread into different realms of pleasure, but nothing quite beats the sweet buzz of a vibrator.

When you really feel you need a orgasm, there it is, ready at the flick of a button, but so much to choose form. We are relentless.

Getting Started

When you are just getting started on your sex toy or vibrator journey. Your pleasure journey is important to us. Your journey is our professional advise.

Start off Small

Bullet vibrators a the “Bees Knees” – they are always ready when you are. 

Rocks Off Truly Yours 120mm – Red Alert

What I love the most about this is the deep red, precision stimulation. The Truly Yours  is true love and will flutter little waves of pleasure throughout your body; with it’s 10 orgasmic functions. 


FeelsToys Ella Lipstick Vibe

This is a jazzy and sassy little lipstick vibrator. Ideal for beginners. Uncomplicated and discreet. 

Ella will comes in all the trendy colours, and duel side usability. Easy to keep mint clean and cute enough to be your BFF. 

Small enough to slip in your purse, but packs a punch of pleasure.

Another lovely little surprise from FeelzToys is the Magic Finger Vibrator.

Sashaying in to turn your finger into a vibrator, with bunny ears to tickle all those sweet spots. Ideal for couples, and beginners in sensual discovery. 

Remove the bullet for some precision play. 

Get Sucking


Nothing beats the latest in Pleasure Air Technology. 

Regardless of what you choose – they are all equally as good as the next. 

The gentle edging sensations  of these lovely toys cannot be beaten. 

In my opinion, voted THE number one in orgasmic pleasure. Known as the “Orgasm Whisperer”. 

Using powerful pulses of air or sonic waves, stimulating the clitoris, engorging it with blood and heightening the orgasmic ride. It edges on slowly, letting you explore the different dimensions of the clitoris. (we do know that the clitoris is bigger than the eye can see).

Sliding over and around the clitoral region will give intense pleasure. And, even better, you have control of your orgasm. Take it slow and feel it rise or let it just pop! 

With approximately 8 000 nerve ending around the clitoris area, you will edge yourself to an new level of orgasm. 

Let’s Take a Look.


Stimulation without touch. Pleasure Air Technology at it’s best. 

Womanizer have revolutionised the perfect balance between pulsating and massaging changes in air pressure; without touching the clitoris. 


womanizer liberty

The Liberty has proved to be the number one in the range. It is classic, elegant and discreet. 

Whisper quiet, fitting flush over the mons, letting you ride into the waves of pleasure. 

The angle of the Liberty, allows you to either use a dildo for G-Spot stimulation, or enjoy with your partner. 

Premium Eco Womanizer

The game changer in the Womanizer range. The Premium Eco is completely unique. Being the first ever Pleasure Air Technology toy made from sustainable and renewable materials. Making it the flagship in Womanizer’s reduced and renewable plastic.

It does have the same 12 settings and intensity levels. But is incredible for your body and so good for the planet.


Lelo Sona 2

A recent survey on, “what makes us come” reviled that 70% of women reported orgasming through clitoral stimulation, either blended or not.

Lelo Sona Cruise Control is well known in the sex toy industry because of its SenSonic technology. 

Not to mention that it stimulates 75% more of the clitoral region. The Sonic Waves  Reserve 20% of the Turbo power during normal use enabling it to lose power the harder it presses to your body. This lets you to not feel the reduction in intensity. Making it a smooth and intense ride.

Lelo Sona Cruise Control is small and discreet, ideal for weekends away or discreet personal orgasmic pleasure. 

G-Spot Vibrators

The elusive G-Spot – come hither… when you discover her. you will never want to let her go!


A G-Spot vibrator will have you quaking between the sheets. 

Finding your G-spot is a priority to earth shaking orgasms. There is actually a totally different sensation when you stroke the G-Spot. Is it painful? Perhaps, you feel you want to bare down, and push deeper and further.

A G-Spot vibrator has been designed to specifically stroke the G-spot, that is situated in the up and backwards, deeply nestled at the back of the vagina. And, easy to find with that “come hither” motion of the fingers. It’s all about experimenting and personal preference.

Reach up, tilt the hips and move your fingers in that “come hither” motion. Discover it, and explore with the plethora of G-Spot vibrators that are on the market for you to enjoy.

I happen to love the Happy Rabbit G-Spot Stroking vibrator.

The deeply rumbling 2 motors each have their own task, one to stroke the G-spot and the other to send rippling waves of pleasure to the clitoris. 

The extra pronounced head of the vibrator coupled with the gentle stroking movement, will have you arching and reaching the illusive g-spot.

Fun Factory Sundaze

This is the new age in vibrators. Lie back and let it to the work for you.

The Sundaze strokes, vibrates, thrusts and taps; giving you the space to explore your favourite settings, and, you can save them all for later.

The flat tip and subtle curve hit the G-spot right where you need it.

The lightweight design makes easy to hold and access the notable raised Fun Factory controls. 

Fun Factory, known for its deep and rumbly vibrations make Sundaze a long and lazy, deep thrusting g-spot orgasm.

Fifty Shades of Grey Drive Me Crazy – Glass Dildo

I would hazard a guess that this is tops in terms of unbridled G-spot play. Designed with a unique curve, and the unrelenting glass will reach the G-spot effortlessly. 

Glass dildos are wonderful for temperature play. The glass is rigid allowing you to push it in as deep as you want it, allowing space for clitoral stimulation; giving a blended orgasm. You move to your own rhythm. 

Magic Wands

Few compare to the deep rumble of a wand vibrator.

The Hitachi Magic Wand was introduced as a, “personal massager” in 1968. The little “Black Dress”, if you will of vibrators. Known as reliable and classic and ready for any masturbation session. 

The Wand is the ideal toy to mimic oral sex, with the big bend to  shroud the entire vulva with vibrating pleasure.

Oh how we have evolved in designing Wand Vibrators. Most are now rechargeable, with a selection of functions, waterproof and dipped in any colour you want.

Doxy Wand 

Hands down the most powerful of wand massagers. Ideal for those who want super strong vibrations.

Revving in at 9000 rpm with variable pulse escalating allowing you to control and set your personalised stimulation. 

The smooth head is latex free and the power cord is a lengthily 3 meters giving freedom to move. 

He head of the Doxy Wand is covered in a cushioned PVC and rolls and rumbles giving extraordinary vibrations.

Doxy is ideal for persons with limited movement. The extended handle allows for easy to use and be propped into any suitable and pleasurable position.

Le Wand Petite Rose Gold

A new favourite of mine. It’s sleek and elegant designed in Rose Gold for intense pleasure.

Le Wand Petite gives intense sensual pleasure with a flexible neck to reach all those intimate spots effortlessly.

This luxurious love wand delivers  10 distinctive and rumbling vibrations with 6 patterns. You decide the pleasure.

Sleek and designed with elegance in mind. Le Wand Petite is cordless for effortless pleasure and waterproof for super wet pleasure.

Swan Palm Power Pocket Wand

Dynamite does come in small packages. And I can vouch for this little number.

Intimate and discreet. This flexi little Palm Power Wand packs a punch when it comes to pleasure.

Ideal for labia play and all those delicate clitoral places, we never seem to pay attention to. 

The neck of this little monster flexes and bends into the shape you want, with 6 rocketing functions from easy to low, medium to high – plus the ultra pulse rise and tease setting.

Elegant and discreet packed in a little zipped bag. This is hands down your latest and travel BFF.

Lovense Osci Oscillating G-Spot Toy

Is it a vibrator? A toy? What could this interesting sex toy be?

Lovense Osci Oscillating G-spot toy is the number one Oscillating G-Spot toy. 

Not quite a vibrator, but Osi is patented to oscillate that moves the vibrator in and out; stroking your g-spot in an entirely new way.

Joining the other marvellous App Controlled toys – compatible on the the following platforms:

  • iPod/iPad/iPos Touch iOS 11.0 and later
  • Android 5.0 and later (with Bluetooth 4.0 enabled)
  • Mac (with Bluetooth 4.0 enabled)
  • Windows PC (using Lovense USB Bluetooth Adapter to connect)

Is Bigger is Better?

Big BOss

Fun Factory Boss G5

The BIG Realistic Fun Factory Boss G5 has been a bestseller for years. The girth plus flexibility is playtime at its best.

The whole 9 inches (yards) and almost 2 inches thick certainly does live up to its name. 

Fun Factory has built in FelxiFUN technology into this vibrating dildo (vibrator for some) – giving extra flex for labia play, clit play and deep rumbling vibrations hitting the G-spot.

The realistic look for the vibrator is a turn on, with pronounced ridges for extra stimulation. The smooth shaft will slip in and out and flexing the tip for deep rumbling vibrations. 

Fun Factory’s ergonomic loop handle and raised controls make it easy to use, even when you are wet, wet, wet. 

Flesh colours and well as deep pink and with pronounced tip for a real feel session.

Fun Factory Tiger

The tribe has spoken. Tiger is the name of the game, when it comes to deep rumbling sensations from base to tip.

The strong ridged create a rippling sensation with each movement. Every time you thrust, an added level of pleasure stimulates you.

Tiger is also built with FunFUN technology, making this the vibrator to deep penetration. The raised silicone shaft moves with you and the raised clit stimulator will rub against your clit for extra pleasure for the ride of your night. 

Thrust Away

Because we are all turned on differently. While some like to simulate oral play, others want deep penetrating thrusts. 

From pulsing rabbits to thrusting dildos. There are dozens of vibrators that will simulate the sensation of deep penetration. Oh so deep, thrusting enables you to reach deep into the vagina, not missing a single spot. 

Thrusting vibrators and dildos are ideal for persons with limited mobility. Allowing them to lie back and receive all the feels of orgasmic pleasure.

Bi Stronic Fusion Vibrator 

The Bi Stronic has been specifically designed for pulsing and thrusting movements, making it feel like the “real deal”. 

This is the new age in vibrators and Fun Factory never cease to amaze with the sheer tenacity and fusion of technology.

This vibrator’s clit stimulator has fluttering “wings” so your clit does not miss a beat of pleasure.

Choose between 64 pulsation vibrations. Use separately or combine them for blended sensations.

Ideally shaped to stroke the G-spot and stimulate the vaginal opening.

Health Alert Regarding Implanted Cardiac Device (Pacemaker)

In keeping with Secret Corner’s pledge to offer the best service, an elegant shopping experience, we ensure that your health is of vital importance to us.

If you have an implanted cardiac device (pacemaker), please consult your doctor before using a Stronic. This toy’s unique thrusting motion is powered by heavy-duty magnet, and although it is rare for an electromagnetic field to affect the function of a pacemaker, we recommend that you get a medical opinion before you play.

Happy Rabbit Power Motion Curve

The thrilling movement of the Power Motion Curve vibrator will not miss a beat. The pushing and thrusting motion comes from within the vibrator, meaning the shaft stays the same size; and G-spot pleasure is achieved, with the curved tip. The entire vibrator thrusts forward ensuring the ultimate in pleasure.

The unique internal design has 3 thrusting speeds while the titillating rabbit ears stroke and tease the clitoris.

Lelo Lily 2

lelo lily2

The captivating and orgasmic experience of LILY 2 is beyond profound.

The lightly scented small palm held vibrator is infused with signature fragrances Bordeaux, Rose & Wisteria. Not to mention luscious Chocolat.

Perfect for solo or couples play. Discreet and powerful lets you follow your own passions wherever you decide.

The delicate shape of LILY 2 can be used for pin pointed pleasure or palm held for couples pleasure. Find YOUR sweet spot, and tease your way to flowing orgasm. 

LILY 2 is 100% waterproof for bath time pleasure. Let the aromatherapy scents take to to new dimensions of intimate pleasure.

What’s New?

Je Joue have recently launched 2 of the most outstanding vibrators to hit the shelves. 

Je Joue range of intimate products are sophisticate, elegant and expertly and mindfully designed with the purpose of pure sexual empowerment. Their products are made from high quality, body safe materials. Je Joue vibrators have a very low frequency wave that ensures you of a wide reaching and sustained level of  pleasure. 

Je joue couple



Je Joue Hera is the softest and sleekest and most luxurious rabbit vibrator. The redesigned classic designed rabbit vibrator into something more modern and sophisticated. 

Je Joue’s deep vibrations will rumble body flex material of the subtle tip up to the g-spot, while the flexible “thumb” tantalises and strokes your clitoris.

Hera’s blended orgasm is the new age in orgasms. The texture alone is like nothing you have ever felt.

Je Joue Juno

Juno. The latest in G-Spot vibrator, known as the softest and sleekest vibrator that provides Je Joue’s unique low-frequency, rumbly vibrations. The lower frequency allows the vibrations to travel throughout the body, accessing more internal nerve endings and stimulating the internal parts of the clitoris.

Juno has been designed to also reach the elusive P-spot too. The new body flex material shaft reaches up and directly stimulates the Prostate.

The sheer flexibility of Juno will have you discovering new and different horizons in orgasmic pleasure.




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