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The Magic of Wands

The Wonderful World of Wand Vibrators

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Wand vibrators go back quite some time, but have come rumbling and tumbling in for this Valentines day! 

Whether you are celebrating with someone or flying solo, a buzzing and rumbling wand will cover all the bases.

Let’s take a look back first. Often colloquially referred to as “The Hitachi”. The Hitachi has a history going back to the 60’s and well known to be the symbolic of the sex positive feminist movement of the 70’s! Let’s not underestimate the power of the Magic Wand!

She was badass and she was cumbersome and not easily hidden. But packed a punch and made an important statement. 

With 50 years of orgasmic history to brag about. The massager or Wand became a huge part of the 70’s sex positive movement. However, never marketed as a sex toy device. 

Call it what you will, the wand has gains enormous momentum and is known as one of the most powerful vibrations out there. Perhaps not as discreet as their younger kin,  but the wand gives an A+ in clitoral stimulation. 

From there, well, she meandered here way down to the clitoris and WHAM! The discovery of women’s self pleasure had risen. And it was not about a stiff neck either, but rather, liberation.

How She Has Morphed

There are dozens of sex toys to choose from, but few compare to the deep rumbling sensations of a Wand Vibrator. Known for the deeper and lower vibration, making it wonderful for prolonged pleasure play. 

If you have never tried a Wand, now is the time. Wand Vibrators have large heads that rumble and flex at that the right intensity, targeting all the erogenous zones. Wands can also be used for masturbation or partner play.

They Just Got Better

Doxy. Now there is a massage wand like no other. Sporting a bulbous and flexile head, 3 meters of plug in cord and fittings that interchange, making the latest in the Doxy Wand range a force to be reckoned with.

Lightweight aluminium, alloy and titanium, it is weightless and perfectly synchronised 3000 rpm to 9000 rpm. Escalating pulse settings.

There’s a SUPER handy feature here – the black silicone head is REMOVABLE. It screws off cleanly so you can wash it under the tap (while keeping the body itself far away from water). It’s the first time I’ve come across something like this and it’s a HUGE upgrade from the Die Cast,  which requires you to carefully wipe the head without getting water near the body.

And, just to be clear, the Doxy Number 3 is strong Even at its lowest speed, it’s strong.  This is a toy for power queens.

doxy 3 massage wand disco black

Doxy Die Cast Hydrographic dipped massager to suit your personal experience. 

For customers who loved the Doxy Original experience, and who would like even bigger feelings, the Doxy Die Cast in its Limited Edition spunky coloured splendour is what you’re looking for. 

It’s hard to put power into a number, but the Die Cast boasts approximately 20% more intensity over the Original. This is achieved by adding heavier weights inside to give it more of a deeper throbbing sensation.

And it is just so gorgeous too.

die cast 3 premium

Doxy Attachments.

The Doxy Die Cast 3 range has a unique head that can be easily unscrewed and replaced with any of our four specially designed attachments. They are exclusively designed for Doxy to create a whole new world of wonders.

Each high-quality attachment is made from granite black non-porous, odourless, hypo-allergenic silicone for sensitive smoothness. They can all be firmly fixed, so there’s no need to worry about them twisting or shifting in use.

Doxy Attachments

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