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Sixteen Best Men’s Sex Toys – A 2022 Guide for men.


Sex Toys for men is as important as sex toys for woman. At least 20% of sex toys sold are for women, and dildos run a close second! The rest? we have thought outside the box! Pun intended! You get it. 

We unbundle the latest in  sex toys for men. What is hot and why. 

It’s no myth that exploring with a sex toy improves your  performance in bed with your partner. 

Here is a list of the top 16 selling sex toys for men and why we love them.

Fun Factory Manta

fun factory Manta

The masturbator you wont want to keep to yourself!

The uniquely shaped Manta may look awkward, but trust me it is pure pleasure.

Fun Factory never fail to deliver on pleasure. 

The sleek and easy to handle Manta is designed perfectly for partner sex as well and the ultimate in male masturbation.

The winds and cleft in the centre enhance the power of the Manta adding extra power to the vibration.

The Manta has a deep and powerful motor that also turns your penis into a vibrator. Fitting snugly around your shaft for focused stroking.

The Manta is amazing for masturbation. Those ridges you see, are to ensure that you always have enough lube for a slick ride. The “wings” wrap snugly around your member with the cleft in the centre adding a little extra movement. 

The Manta will turn your penis into a vibrator, the ever popular Fun Factory vibration promises to deliver intense vibrations all the way up your shaft. You have jumped up another level in your sex play.

Up your blow jobs – by wrapping the wings around your erect penis and slide it up and down. Let her go down on you and give you the deepest deep throat blow job while stroking the Manta up and down your shaft.

The Fun Factory signature loop handle makes it easy to hold in any position. Regardless of the rivulets  of lube that wells up in those deep grooves, the easy to feel controls make for easy switching vibrations without skipping a beat.

Added addiction 1

Fleshlight Stoya Destroya

You cannot go wrong with Fleshlight. They have to be the best in simulating the real feel of her pussy.

I’ve tried them all (well almost) – and I found Stoya to be the best at hugging the penis. 

We all know that the Fleshlight Girls are orifices are moulded from original and popular porn stars. Stoya comes out tops, not only for her waif like looks, her naughty girl antics and star studded fame on Porn Hub. 

Her features and design, the patented SuperSkin Sleeve and vagina is more than I expected.

Fleshlight use the patented ReelFeel SuperSkin. Soft and flexible, yet firm. 

The 8.5 inch insertable space is the ideal match for 95% of men out there and can enjoy her tightness, her porn star labia, which incidentally has her signature inscribe on the side of her lips.

Enjoy the multiple angles of penetration as it hugs your shaft tightly as you slide through the grooves and nodules giving measured resistance on the down stroke. 

The first chamber has small channelled bumps that give the tight and subtle stimulation. While the second chamber , (which I call the Pleasure Dome) is wider with bumps that extend tot he centre. Humping away you will feel the two following chambers that will hug and stroke your member with intense stimulation and gently caress the head of your penis. 

What else? Yes. the Bottom Cap that screws to regulate the suction power as you thrust. So you can loosen and tighten the suction as you go along. 

This obviously, gives you the stamina to prolong the inevitable. 

Stoya Destroya

Hot Octopus Solo Essential

Hot Octopus Solo Essential has been dubbed the “Guybrator“, an award winning  sex toy for all penises.

The Pulse Solo is a male masturbator that uses oscillations to give the stimulation that sets it apart from other mainstream male masturbators, this allows ejaculation without an erect penis. 

Its A Two Way Thing

Pulse can be used in two different ways. The Solo works as a static stimulator creating stimulation directly to the frenulum. 

Penis technology at it’s best! A completely different sensation altogether giving powerful and prolonged orgasms. The PulsePlate oscillates stimulating the head of the penis directly. Or add a dollop of lube and your Pulse Solo can be used as a next generation stroking masturbator.

As I mentioned the Solo Essential can be used without an erection. Here is why: The new generation in male masturbators has taken men who battle to get a fully erect penis, gents with spinal injuries to a new level of pleasure and that’s the technology that we are referring to.

Wetter is better, that is our motto, and the Octopus Solo is 100% waterproof so you can enjoy the rumbling vibrations under water. This offers amazing opportunities for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction, the penis gets erect during stimulation plus it has catapulted men with spinal injuries into a level of orgasmic pleasure.

PulsePlate technology is the patented system PULSE uses to deliver high-amplitude oscillations rather than low-amplitude vibrations.

Medical research has identified that oscillations applied in a very specific way can create incredibly deep and powerful orgasms for a man. PULSE has harnessed this science through its PulsePlate. Oscillators are common place in the scientific world; PULSE however is the first to bring this technology to the wider male sex toy market. Unlike vibrators, PULSE delivers powerful and deep high-amplitude waves direct to the man’s most sensitive area, his frenulum.

Lube is not essential, but it does add to the pleasure.

pulse solo essential

Satisfyer Men Heat Vibration

Satisfyer have turned up the heat with the latest addition to their masturbators. 

Are YOU looking for some hot, sensual vibrations? Read on here!

The Men Heat Vibration combines an exciting heating function, added to the erotic mix are arousing, deep vibrations for an all out hot experience.

Maximise your edging with the combination of heat and deep and rumbling vibrations gives intense and stimulating vibrations to your glans.

The Super-soft, body friendly medical grade silicone hugs your penis with a smooth touch. Making it easy to clean and being 100% waterproof it is safe and lovely to use in water too.

Satisfyer Heat

Happy Rabbit Cock Ring

The happiest hopping rabbit around!

This iconic Happy Rabbit cock ring is stretchy silicone with strategically  placed ears to tickle her fancy.

The soft and silky silicone, stretchy enough to fit the ring fits snugly around the base of the penis, strengthening the erection as well as letting you last longer by delaying the ejaculation.

The Happy Rabbit ears vibrate over her sweet spots while you thrust away.

Go through the 30 different vibration settings, (yes I said 30); using the handy remote to navigate your way through your pleasure zones.

Or, remove the bullet for some foreplay fun.

The Happy Rabbit Cock ring features:

  • 10 Vibrations Patterns
  • 3 Intensity levels
  • Use the handy remote for effortless fun

Use your Happy Rabbit cock ring to strengthen your erections, let you last longer and watch her writhe with pleasure beneath you.

Happy Rabbit remote controlled cockring

Satisfyer Mens Wand

The new wand for men from Satisfyer aims t0 please!

Two flexiable wings envelop your penis and tantalising you with its 50 vibrations, while the grooves on the slender rod add extra levels of bliss.

satisfyer men wand men vibrator features 200x200 1

This is the masturbator of the 21st centaury with its flexi wings to envelop your glans and deep grooves to engulf your penis down the shaft and directly to the testicles. Choose from 10 different rhythms and 5 intensities. Take solo flight to a whole different level.

Added Benefits

The Satisfyer Man Wand, obviously, masturbation levels are taken to a completely new dimension. But it is brilliant for couples play too.

Place the shaft of your penis slip it between the wings and stroke while you get the blow job of of a lifetime, giving you that deep throat feeling. 

The nifty shape of the wand and the lengthy handle give you place to use s an added benefit to your couples play too.

Any which way you use the Satisfyer Mens Wand, you will be addicted to the exciting different positions you will get yourself and your partner into and experience summersaulting orgasms.

I have to say, when I first looked at it I was amused at the shape, but wow! It has opened interesting new levels of flying solo and getting down with my love.

feature icon satisfyer 1 

Glans, Shaft and testicle stimulation.

satisfyer men wand vibrator 600x600 1

Malesation Pussy Pleasure

For the modern man. The no fuss designed masturbator that is easy to hold and easy to clean.

Experience incredible realistic sensations from this compact pocket pussy. Using simple thrusting or up and down movements will have your member throbbing to explosive limits.

For extra sensations, invest in a small bullet and feel the sensations change as you thrust away. 

Easy to clean and compact design,  letting you keep it your best kept secret. 

A huge dollop of your favourite waterbased lube and away you go to thrifty orgasmic pleasure.

pussy cup

Tenga Eggs

Oh how dynamite does come in small packages!

I adore the Tenga Range of eggs. An actual egg shaped, in a hard funky shell masturbator, with mind bending capacity for orgasmic pleasure for men!

Crack it open and out pops your silicone egg for masturbation. Each egg has it own unique inside design to stroke your cock with. 

Besides their cute appearance, each one of these little houses a unique penis stroker, that is a selection of 6 different sensations to explore. The different lumps, swirls and waves give each egg, a different experience.

tenga egg wonder pack male strokers

Easy to use with a sachet of lube to squirt into the stretchy and squishy inside giving you a lovely wet ride.

Tenga Egg will stretch over the entire penis with every stroke.

I love the discreet and funky packaging, so I can keep one handy at all time. 


The classic easy beat Tenga 6Pack is highly recommended. Choose from the Spider, Crater or the Waves… Each little pack of dynamite will give you a different sexplosion!

tenga eggs wonder pack 6 mens sex toys

We-Vibe Vector Prostate Massager

Vector’s  designed for connection and pleasure. Sleek design and silky smooth silicon will slip effortlessly into you while the dual motors will stroke the prostate and perineum with unbelievable precision.

Vector is waterproof and rechargeable for endless pleasure. 

Use the handy remote to navigate your way through the intense 6 cycles will take you and your partner to different levels of play. With Vector’s deep and rumbly vibrations. The two motors stimulate both  the prostate and perineum.

Vector’s four button remote will change intensity and vibration modes while you are in the absolute moment, without missing a beat.

The unique, soft and adjustable design will move with you.


Made from body safe silicone, free from phthalates and BPA and contains no latex.

I love how whisper quiet it is. When I am in the mood. I’m in the mood regardless!


With the free We-Connect app you can play and share control with Vector and your partner wherever you are, creating custom vibes together with other We-Vibe products.

You have just leapt into the next generation of sex toys for men. 

we connect vector

A Cheaper Cock Ring?

Hell yes! Why not. It serves the same purpose. Unless, of course you want one with all the bells and whistles.

But in reality, there are amazing brands like Malesation, in incidentally make a comprehensive range of cock rings, some with double rings and with clit vibes too. There are other brands like Screaming O, who also make your basic cock ring but also ramp up the amps with rechargeable ones with removeable bullets for added fun. 

The actual purpose of a cock ring is to maintain blood in the penis to strengthen and keep the erection for longer. It’s not dick jewellery worn for good measure. The also heighten sensitivity.

So brands like Oxballs are nice and chunky and have a decent stretchablility, I just found that I needed to ensure that I had trimmed my nether regions.  

Bathmate is my personal choice. It is also thick and does not strangle my poor muscle, and comes in 3 different shapes. The Spartan, Gladiator and Barbarian. 

All I am asking is that when you wear your cock ring and we all love that muscle to throb with power. Bare in mind simple things. It is not about the price of the ring. Whether it vibrates or not, if it is top of the range or something that suits your budget at any given time. 

A cock ring is fun, it is healthy, totally pleasurable and puffs up your ego some too.

Had a few drinks? Do not fall asleep or pass out with it on. Irreparable damage can be occur and well, what on earth can we do from there? 

I am quite sure this story will continue. 

 There are highs and lows. But getting to the lowdown on some of what I used and different levels of play there is in using different size cock rings at the same time… that gives texture to the penis. And texture to the penis is exactly what you want. It will drive her crazy.

Screaming O

Ion Archwave

Archwave Ion is a one of a kind. The first in Pleasure Air Technology in sex toys for men. 

Men can now experience that much chatted about edging orgasm that comes from using the latest in Pleasure Technology.

The pulsating airwaves stimulate the sensitive Pacinian pleasure receptors in the frenulum. Not that may sound like Latin to you, however, they are the little unseen nerve endings around the glans of the penis giving an entirely new level of orgasms, virtually impossible to achieve during usual masturbation. 

The Ion by Archwave uses Smart Silence Technology which means it is only on when you want it on. The Ion switches on as soon as it senses skin contact or the Pleasure Air Sensor and switches off as soon as it loses contact with the body.

The German designed Ion features 8 different intensity settings and the ribbed silicone sleeve will stretch to fit even the most endowed man. 

I love that it is waterproof and made from  CleanTech Silicone, so there is not issue on cleaning. Simply twisting and removing the sleeve, rinse in cold water pack it away. (Although. According to good housekeeping with all sex toys. INVEST IN A GOOD TOY CLEANER) The word according to Dave.

Ion comes in a stylish and discreet base to speed up the drying process while keeping your Ion charged as well as safely stored away.

This is definitely the next generation in sex toys for men.  I happen to love the ejaculation that comes with cuming. 

Archwave Ion


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