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Seven Of The Best Lesbian Sex Toys

Seven Of The Best Lesbian Sex Toys

strap-on-me harness heroine side

Seven Of The Best Lesbian Sex Toys. The sex toy industry is exploding with all things specifically designed for absolute pleasure for women. And we love them all.

Choose from remote controlled fun love balls, knicker vibes and the most sensual of harnesses. 

Most toys are versatile enough that anyone can use them, but some are specifically designed with women in mind, allowing both partners to be immersed in pleasure.

Let’s unwrap the top seven Secret Corner have available for your Proudly Pride Pleasure.

Strap-On-Me Harness

Copy of Choose your favorite Menu 1

The Strap-On-Me harness Heroine is the latest in sensual strap-on.

Taking Strap-On harnesses to another level of sensuality and feminine pleasure. No fuss, no buckles or belts. Just pure pleasure.

Designed in a combination of tulle and microfibre for extra comfort and second skin feel. 

The latest in pleasure accessories, Strap-On-Me is for those who are unafraid to dance. 

Be as daring as you choose to be. Your adventure. Your rules.

Minds Of Love Magnus Strap-On

Minds of love magnus

Minds Of Love Magnus Strapless Strap-On is ideal for couples who love skin on skin and no fuss loving. 

This double dildo slips into the wearer snugly, the grooves and waves of vibration at the base stimulates clitoris while the longer shaft vibrates waves of pleasure.

Two powerful motors ensure that you give and receive divine stimulation from the 9 pulsating modes of insatiable pleasure.

Flexible as you choose to be. Magnus will move and bend with you.

Rechargeable for charged pleasure and waves of wet fun.  

You-Turn 2 Finger Fun Vibe

uturn 2 finger vine

This is the absolute in funky finger fun! Turn your fingers and hand into a vibrator and get the heat rising.

You know that “Come Hither” motion, right? Well let your fingers to the talking for some fingering clitoral and g-spot pleasure.

You-Turn Finger Fun fits comfortably on your fingers, while the thumb controls the vibrations through your entire hand for an unforgettable manual experience.

The famous VOOM BULLET powers with a low pitch deep rumbling vibration. 

An absolute must to slip into your handbag.



A dildo is everyone’s best friend. Dildos come in various sizes, thickness, some are so realistic, others are splashed with colours and some even have a foreskin that moves up and down.

Don’t be daunted when thinking about a dildo. The thing with a good dildo is that they are durable and you can find almost any size, shape or colour. 

Choose something you can use with or without a harness. The obvious choice is being harness friendly. There is something utterly sexy about the fit of a harness against your skin. If you prefer a more hardy look and feel, strap it on and get ready for some pounding fun.

Remember that Bigger is not always better. Let it be something that you will be able to enjoy the journey together. 

Quite a few women prefer to not choose a dildo that looks like a penis, but prefer something a little more gentile, like pink or with a splash of sparkle, and yes, they come with sparkles, and bouncy shapes and colours.

I happen to love my glass dildo, it is awesome for temperature play, reaches all those deep spots and clit play is easy because it is slick and smooth. 

glass dildos

Pleasure Air Technology and Sonic Waves.

Pleasure Air

Pleasure Air Technology, Sonic Waves, whatever you call it and which ever brand you choose, let me tell you; this is the ULTIMATE in orgasmic pleasure. So subtle, you can tease and please and spend hours hovering on the edge of bliss. 

Womanizer, who happens to be my personal best, along with glass dildo… Womanizer have covered all the bases, and your clit, or her clit. 

The new age in touchless stimulation cannot get better. Waves of pleasure whisper over the clitoris, in a range of different colours and sizes. Womanizer have ensured that anyone can enjoy the Pleasure Air Technology with their range of fabulous and sexy, whisper quiet, touchless pleasure.


Meet the sonic massager that stimulates 75% more of the clitoris. Lelo SONA uses sonic waves and pulses to stimulate the entire clitoris. Whisper quiet the SenSonic technology is like the Pina Colada of orgasms.

New wave in orgasms

The art of touchless and seamless orgasms have arrived and we dare you to try it. 

Taste Her Sweetly

Oral Pleasure glides are an absolute must in oral play. When it comes to oral sex, there are two kinds of people. Those who love it and those who do not. Intimate Earth Oral Glides are all you want for a tasty pussy treat. The icing on the cake, so to speak. Choose from Cheeky Apply, Naughty Nectarine or try Wild Cherries for a wild dive. And, Oh, so Vegan!

Pop it in the fridge for some extra sweetness and the cooling sensation is unbelievable too. 

There are slight changes you can make to your diet to taste sweeter too. Change to watermelon, eat frozen grapes. Your vagina is not meant to smell or taste like a fruit salad, but you can make subtle changes, that make the difference.

New Wave In Orgsams 4 1

Hear Her Roar

Fun  Factory are the best in deep and rumbling vibrators, bring out your wild side.

The Tiger has everything you want in a vibrator. Deep and rumbling vibrations, rippling sensations from the shaft and flexi enough to reach all those sweet spots and moves as she moves. 

Deeper orgasms and clitoral stimulation and the flexi shaft that moves with every motion. Use it with your partner and open up a world of new positions together.

Tiger pride

Tune up the ridges on the shaft with some extra silky water based lube and slide Tiger up and down the clit and add pressure and enjoy the sensations that Tiger gives.

Of all the vibrators, Hands down Fun Factory are my number one choice and the Tiger? If you want endless orgasmic pleasure. Tiger is the perfect match.

 Seven Of The Best Lesbian Sex Toys

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