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MSS for Him – A Funny Personal Review

Max Up Mss Men Review

To ‘Pill’ or Not to ‘Pill’…

My man and I were going through that ‘slump’ that a couple sometimes go through- ships passing in the night and you wake up one morning and realise you haven’t had sex in ages. When we first met we couldn’t keep our hands off each other and now… well it’s not that we don’t want to BUT daily routines and stress can have that effect on your libido. I was a little ‘disturbed’ to even consider getting him to try an enhancement pill… thoughts like am I ‘not doing it for him anymore…go through my head and I thank the Gods that my trusty toy box is always there for me…

Working in a ‘Adults Toys Boutique’ I should be ‘getting my rocks off daily right??! So after the dreaded discussion of telling my man I got him some MSS pills (herbal Viagra) to ‘help him’ get in the mood – he hesitates – which annoyed me and so in retaliation he just popped the pills, on an empty stomach, after consuming a good number of beers…

mss male libido booster tabletMSS Maximum Sexual Stimulant pills are our no.1 enhancement pill in the shop -natural ingredients- NB: Warning : do NOT take these pills if you are on any medication. Can cause headaches -sign of dehydration -drink water… and of course you shouldn’t drink too much booze on them -not that my man listened to that!



I waited in anticipation to see the results – we were out with mates so he didn’t just want to go home – which triggered off a silly tiff from my side… here I was thinking ‘howz this dude! I can see the pills are ‘kicking in – he’s going bright red in the face but he doesn’t want to go home yet’ … and so the argument ended up at home to. There he was butt-naked, raging hard on and now I’m not in the mood…why the hell didn’t I take some pills too??! My ego now bruised that my Sex God had to take pills – I get stroppy and delay sex – he’s now pissed off as he had   hard on from hell. Eventually I get over ‘myself and give him a helping hand and blow him like there’s no tomorrow.

Awesome news though, he stood to attention twice after that! I still wish I’d also taken the MSS Pill for women too though – he was having the time of life… And then he proceeds to roll over & tries to  sleep as we turned into responsible adults and have to work next day…Really!! What about me….??WTF??

So all in all our ‘night of pash didn’t quite go as planned. Ego’s aside these pills DO WORK!  BUT warning : these pills can cause insomnia – I’m in the dog box once again… as he got no sleep.

Lesson: take the pills with him and leave the ego’s at the door!. THAT’S exactly what I’m doing tonight…Sorry Babe –‘in the name of research -No Sleep again tonight!! I LOVE MY JOB!!

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