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Best Anal Sex Toys for 2021 – According to our Sexpert.

sexy ass anal toy blog The Best Anal Sex Toys for 2021 according to our in-house Sexpert. Here is what Meg has to say about exploring Bum Fun. Anal fun is hot! The ultimate, besides, well, besides regular sex. The back door is now wide open and exploration is at the edge of your fingertips. Although still considered taboo by many – anal play is becoming increasingly popular. The sensitive nerve endings around the opening of the rectum are highly stimulating and what we regard as the Holy Grail of Anal Fun. Anal penetration gives a fabulous feeling of fullness, the A-Spot, tucked up pushing the G-Spot forward, also known as the anterior fornix erogenous zone, heightens arousal, activates vaginal lubrication and triggers a whopping orgasm. Squirting is also known to occur during penetration anal play in women.

Anal Play for Beginners

Choosing your anal toy is circumspect. You don’t necessarily want to jump directly to dildo or penis when beginning your anal play. This is where choosing the right anal sex toy comes in. Remember the anus has been dormant until now. So gently does it. It needs to be teased and entered into gently. Although, anal toys should not ultimately used as a stepping stone to anal play. Using an anal toy is an entire experience on its own. Clitoral, nipple and vaginal play with anal play opens Pandora’s Box of pleasure.

Bswish Anal Toys are Hot

I love the latest anal fun from Bswish. They have launched the most uncomplicated and deliciously silky and flexy butt plugs. shop anal sex toys, plugs and beads at secret corner

Bfilled Basic Plug

This is the basic of basic butt plug. Gently curved to stimulate the prostate for stronger orgasms. The narrow neck is comfortable and perfect for longer wearing.

Bfilled Basic Plus

The Basic Plus is beautifully designed and contoured for orgasmic pleasure. This bright and curvy butt plug is ideal for anal massage and stimulation. Soft to the touch, flexible for comfort. No fuss, easy to clean and has a flared base for anal safety.

Basic Plus Wave

This has to be my favourites. I love the wave ripples! They add to the stimulation. The inner free-roaming weight in the centre of the plug moves around adding to the sensation. The warming silicone adds to the pleasure and I can wear it for longer periods and really feel the pleasure as I move around. All the Bswish Butt Plugs are made from 100% body safe silicone with a velvety soft finish. Remember to lather with some water-based or anal relaxing lube for slip sliding pleasure.

Vibrating Anal Toys – A Bit of Buzz

Nothing quite add to the fun that a bit of a buzz. There are some fabulous little buzzing butt plugs and anal beads available. Soft and flexi, some with a removable bullet vibrator for added pleasure.

Rocks Off Bubbles 

This little number is perfect for beginners, the bubbles graduate in size,  letting you ease yourself or your partner into anal play. The lovely thing about the Bubbles is that it is so exciting when you ease it gently in and out. Together with some clit play? Be prepared to be blown away. To explore a little deeper with Rocks Off, try out the Rocks Off Petite Sensations.  Slightly longer for a to deep rumbly anal sensation. Anything you like here?

Prostate Sex Toys – One of our best anal sex toys for 2021 

Prostate fitness has become an essential part of men’s health and not something that can or should be ignored. Prostate massaging is the latest in men’s pleasure as well as sexual health. Prostate massage, besides the benefits of prostate health, it is also highly pleasurable. The P-Spot, as it is also called, is a small walnut size gland that produces the seminal fluid. Massaging the prostate or any level of anal play in gents will stimulate the sensitive, and oh so sensitive nerve endings that trigger unbelievable orgasms for guys.

Fun Factory Duke

My partner adores the Duke. Certainly the monarch of prostate pleasure. Known for its shapely design. Duke fits accurately to massage the prostate and perineum with deep rumbling vibrations. The prostate massager is perfectly shaped to stroke the prostate taking anal play for him to the next level. Duke is rechargeable and waterproof with a whopping 2 vibrations and 3 vibrations. fun factory duke prostate massager valentines

We Vibe Ditto Anal Plug

The Ditto has been designed to be slim and flexible with a remote to keep your hands free for extra pleasure. The Ditto has 10 powerful vibrations which can be controlled via the We-Connect App, making the We Vibe Ditto perfect for long distance play. Sync into each other via We-Connect and enjoy the ride, regardless of where you are. Or simply use the remote to change modes during sex, effortless.

Malesation Anal Stimulator

This is another favourite for gents. The shapely designed bump stimulates the perineum and is ergonomically shaped are massages the prostate. Quick and easy on and off buttons for quick changes between the 12 explosive modes.

The Best of Both Worlds

Choosing a butt plug coupled with a cock ring is bound to set you for some explosive fun. The cock ring keeps the penis erect and pumped full while the curvy shaped plug is tucked up stimulating the magical P-Spot.   The Best of Both Worlds 1

Fun Factory Bootie Ring

Get ready for a wild ride with the Fun Factory Bootie Ring. The best of both worlds, stimulating prostate play with a silicone cock ring, for firmer and longer lasting erections.  The Bootie Ring is divine for couples play.

Bedazzle Your Bum with Jewel Butt Plugs

Bedazzle your bum I LOVE a butt plug that is bejewelled. It adds a little excitement to the fun, and personally, I feel quite dazzling knowing I have a little secret tucked snugly in my bottom. There are a range of shiny happy butt plugs that are perfect in every way. The are small, some are steel and others are body safe silicone. They are all small enough to fit snugly for extended wearing. The elegant gemstone or crystal base adds a touch of elegance and makes me feel ever so sexy while I am wearing it. The broad base is ideal for easy control and removal, while the thin neck makes it sit snugly in place.

Anal Beads

shop anal beads at secret corner
Anal beads – Not  a butt plug, don’t confuse the two. Easy to confuse the two, but also easy to remember. Butt plugs give a feeling of fulness while anal beads are longer and slimmer for easy removal or for longer anal play. Anal beads come in various sizes and lengths. Once you have experienced the pleasure from anal bead play, choosing something that you can explore with is essential.

Booty Call Satisfyer Plug Set

Satisfyer never fail when it comes to pleasure. Booty Call plugs are made of soft silicone with three ascending sensual shapes for targeting the different pleasure points. Bootie Call is ideal for beginners wanting to explore anal play. Bootie call

Tornado Anal Chain

The Tornado Anal Chain are beautiful curvy anal beads designed to graduate pleasure from smallest to biggest, letting you edge your w2ay to anal pleasure. Easy to handle and ideal for orgasmic removal. Or you can leave it in for something different. 

P is for Pegging

pegging Pegging is one of the latest bedroom trends for 2021. I believe it is more popular than we think. Here is why. There is something very arousing for a woman to take control and be the dominant, in being the one to take control and penetrate and navigate her way to pleasure. Besides, it stimulates the prostate gland, which is an amazing erogenous zone that is so overlooked. Pegging is best done with a strap on harness with a dildo. Here are a few ideas, and obviously, I will begin with my favourite.

Fun Factory Share

The Share is the ultimate in a no fuss, harness free double dildo. The unique shape of the Share will give both the wearer and the recipient amazing pleasure, as well as the skin to skin intimate pleasure. No fuss and no harness. The Share is for those who know what they want and are not afraid to explore hardcore  fantasies together. share the love

 Share Vibe

Hitting all the right spots and coming in at number one, the Fun Factory Share Vibe is the very best in adventurous couples fun. Divine vaginal and clitoral stimulation and tapered for comfortable insertion. The 5 speed vibrator adds to the fun. Get up close and personal with this no fuss strapless dildo.

Wetter is Better

Anal LUbes There are no two ways about using an anal lube. It is essential that you lube up and never numb the bum. There’s a wide selection of anal lubes available. Choose a water based for your sex toys and never forget that a toy cleaner is essential for optimal sexual and bum fun health.  
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