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All About Fleshlight – Best Men’s Sex Toy for 2021

Fleshlight is set to rocket to the top selling sex toy for men in 2021. 

Fleshlight is and has always been the number one male masturbator, and we guarantee it will still be the Best Men’s Sex Toy for 2021. Not only have they bettered the product year upon year, they have come up with some sassy new designs, sexy ladies and added a tweak here and there in order to give gents the best in masturbation.
Here we look at what Dave, our resident mens sex toy tester, has to say about Fleshlights for 2021. He comes to us with years of experience in reviewing men’s sex toys. We regard his opinions highly!

Deep Dave’s opinion on Fleshlight:

Don’t be fooled, Fleshlight is not a generic word for a for a cheap, low quality novelty product. With sales topping 13 million, and the brand expanding to include a series of different products, Fleshlight have taken mainstream sex toys for men into the spot light. It is a premium brand and the name carries its own reputation and  loyal following. Each Fleshlight Masturbator has been uniquely designed for different feels and textures. Some like it tight (well who wouldn’t), others go for the porn star on the packaging. Truth be told. It is a bit more that a pretty face when choosing you Fleshlight Pussy.

Where Do You Start? If you are new to purchasing a masturbator, and you are reading this, you have made the right decision. Your are one step closer to your sexy self satisfaction journey.

Dave’s Top 5 Fleshlight Men’s Sex Toy for 2021:

1. Stamina Training Unit
2. Fleshlight Stoya Destroya
3. Fleshlight Turbo

Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit

This is the most classic of the Fleshlights, and one of the most popular. This sleeve replicates the feeling of intercourse and trains you to last longer in bed. Practise makes perfect.

How does it Feel?

Very basic in design with medium sized bumps and no variation throughout the entire chamber. Nothing to write home about but you have got to start somewhere. 

The Magic Happens on the Inside!

All Fleshlight masturbators have different sleeves with different textures and patterns on the inside. This is where the magic happens! This is where the sensual sensations happen. Different nodules, and different spinning and tightening features.

Inner sleeve designs range from a smooth tube to the undulating contours, twists and turns as you squeeze up and down. So when you choose your Fleshlight, this will be THE most important part of choosing your Fleshlight, it’s not just about the picture on the box. Never judge a book by it’s cover – Remember that? 

As you explore, your brain will trigger all different and new sensations making you want to add to your collection. The possibilities are endless. Whatever floats your boat.

Use the end cap to control your own sensations by tightening or loosening the cap creating a vacuum and tighter sucking sensation.  

The Turbo Ignition and Thrust?

I’m not super fond of the Tubo Thrust. The material is a bit thin for your penis and the initial feeling is a bit too intense, it’s like the toy wants to pound your cock into submission. But then again it is a blow-job simulator? It does give a very realistic and alternative to oral sex. The sleeve on the Ignition consists of small bumps, nothing special. 

It’s design is rather cool and “mucho” looking. Its non-realistic looking which makes it a little more discreet and easier to hide.

The Fleshlight Girls

The Fleshlight Girls are the way to “slip inside your favourite port star. ” Fleshlight Girls are THE masturbation sleeves to look out for in 2021.

Each Fleshlight Girl is an exact replica of the star of your choice, most intimate parts. Bum, vagina and mouth divinely made from the legendary SuperSkin. Each girl has their own signature texture which will inspire your imagination. Each Fleshlight Girl has signed the toy, moulded on the front of the silicone face, making your stroker unique.

Coming in at #1 Is Stoya Destroyer Fleshlight Sleeve

She has been voted the all time favourite sleeve of 2020. Her killer suction and natural looking pussy lips have made her an all time favourite. Her texture is very tight and intense which will make you cum with ease. Although she me be a little intense for some.

Personally I prefer the more voluptuous look of Mia Malkova. Her lips are neat and inviting with her graduating nodules for supreme sensation. Mia is my all time favourite with her LVL UP texture making her one of the latest Fleshlight Girl to hit the shelves.

The Bottom line – FleshJack Boys

Yes, you read correctly. The Fleshjack Boys masturbation sleeves are moulded of your favourite Male adult stars butt,  mouth or an exact replica of their penis. Made out of the same SuperSkin, with each Boy’s signature texture.

Add to the Mix

Your personal eco system of Fleshlight accessories. Keep your product tidy and spare nothing on taking care of this superior brand. Choose Flesh lube for the ultimate wet feel, include your antibiotic toy cleaner and renewing powder to keep your toy in tip top condition. 


Watch this space for more ‘In bed with Dave”, on the Fleshlight Brand and other Sexy fun sex toys for men.





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