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8 Best Sex Toy Gifts This Valentines Day

Sex toys for couples are only as exciting as the play that goes with them. Discover new ideas with our selection of exciting new sex toys, designed with couples in mind.

Don’t let the long-term blues get in the way of exploring new and excitingly sexy, horizons. Close the intimacy gap with our selection of specifically chosen couples toys.

Spice up your Valentine’s evening and add a bit of playful fun with your partner with the divine gifts we have put together for you.

Open yourselves up to new and exciting things and open new portals of sexual intimacy to flow between you. Don’t just wait for Valentines day, or week or month. Make sexy and intimacy as exciting as you can as often as you can.

We keep a diverse selection of couples play items to add some chilli to your intimate play. Regardless of your age or sexual orientation. There is a little something to ignite your sensual playtime.

couple large

  • The long-awaited Relentless Vibrations Knicker Vibe has arrived. Oh, so elegant, sleek and discreet. Designed with super soft body safe silicone and slick silver finishing for added elegance. Slip it into you’re your knickers, don’t forget a dollop of your favourite water-based lube, hand over the remote control and surrender to some mind-blowing orgasmic pleasure. Orgasms have left the bedroom and you are in control.

 fifty shades relentless vibrations remote control panty vibrator 1 large

  • The G-Vibe Mine Vibrator has been specifically designed with two motors to stimulate you all over. You target and G Vibe will deliver tingling sensations. Two flexible tips will adapt to wherever you choose. Designed for double penetration, small enough to titillate the anus and vagina at the same time. Stimulate the penis and vagina together for the ultimate in couples play.


  • Doppio 2.0 has always been a winner. With its three rumbling motors, and versatile shape. Use as a nipple vibrator, clitoral vibe or for extra fun, Doppio can be used for a touch of double penetration. Turn its ridges up over the penis and stimulate the clitoris while you enjoy penetration. Turn it over and stimulate the perineum for some orgasmic pleasure for him. Doppio 2.0 is remote controlled, so no fumbling around.

 beauments doppio 2.0 2 large

  • Add a bit of kink to your Valentine’s play. Fifty Shades Hard Limits Restraint Kit is the ultimate to fulfil your bondage fantasies. Complete with everything you need to keep your lover just where you need them. Ankle and wrist restraints that slip under the bed complete with satin blind fold. Look no further and delve into the dark side of your passion playtime. Add some warming massage oil to add to the pleasure.

 540514197 640 large

  • We Vibe Melt is the latest in the We Vibe range. Let the air take you there. Melt is the only Pleasure Air Technology couples’ toy. The pulsating waves of gentle suction, using subtle changes in the pressure, massaging the clitoris gently. Ideally shaped to slip between you and your partner in any position. No bulky rides just a smooth ride to orgasmic pleasure. Use the We Connect app gives you access to completely fluid and intense pleasure. The next generation in touch screen pleasure. Let Melt take you there.

 IMG 20190911 155242

  • You can’t beat the fun of Fun Factory’s Share. The no fuss Hard Core Couples Dildo. Designed to ensure that you both explore each other’s bodies with no boundaries between you. Enjoy the ride in a variety of sexy positions. Flexible, yet firm giving you pleasure to move around. Share is ideal for couples wanting to explore Pegging without the fuss. Gorgeously orgasmic couples’ fun.

 f2b9d6608f638387eb33c1f1e13b9d89 large

  • Let Destiny take you to new levels of intimacy. New to the Wonderlust range. Destiny is silky smooth, soft and flexible. The flexible neck of Destiny ensures that you reach all those tight places and pinpoint all those orgasmic little but crevices. Lavish on some water-based lube and let it slip and slide between you both. Easy to reach buttons ensure there is no fumbling around. Rechargeable and waterproof for some underwater loving.

 jjjjj 2000x2000 92cace7a 8a38 480c 8677 8967c598059f large

  • Big O by Screaming O Rechargeable Cock Ring is the ultimate cock ring for endless fun. Super stretchy making it easier to stretch over the shaft of the penis and securing the rumbling motor. The textured surface makes sure that there is no slip sliding from the clitoris, plus adding extra sensations where you need it most. Rechargeable and 100% waterproof for fool proof wet fun.

 images 23 large

Experimenting in your relationship should be fun and healthy without any pressures. Life happens and we sometimes get stuck in a rut of making lunches, picking up kids or even just the daily hum drum of living in a fast-paced world. We are not unique in by any means. Valentines Day is set to remind us that we should set aside time for our loved ones. Your lover, your husband or wife. Your best friend. Regardless, we encourage you to tap into that sensual sides of yourself. Make your Valentine’s Wish List and leave it in a very conspicuous place. Or slip it under the door at Secret Corner.

Be your own Valentine if you want to. Join the millions of people out there enjoying sexual freedom. Flying together, or flying Solo.

Happy Valentine’s Day All.

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