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What is Anal Douching?

What is Anal Douching?

I think its quite natural to discuss anal douching. We openly discuss orgasms, masturbation, and we discuss anal sex. Here is the lowdown on anal douching without blushing.

Anal douching is widely practiced, it is not wrong and not essential. Then, why is an anal douche needed?

Well, it’s not essential, but as we know the anus is not a clean place. Most have a shower prior to any intimacy more certainly when anal is discussed. However, it is not always planned. And, well, accidents do happen. The reason people douche, (and it is not essentially a gay man thing either) – women have been douching for eons – it was said to be “clean” when douched.

what is anal douching - secret corner

What is a douche?

A douche is a container that has a tube – some differ from others, but all serve the same purpose. We won’t call it an enema, as that is what it is clinically known as; and does sound rathe iffy. This is used to get a stream of water into the body; thus, rinsing it out, cleaning it from any residue that might be there – prior to engaging in anal play.

Is Douching Necessary?

Generally, no. Unless there is the presence of disease or illness, it is not essential. Douching is a personal choice and there are varied products that differ from each other. But the general idea is to invest in something that you are comfortable with. Using an anal douche is aimed at cleaning out the lower part of the colon! So, use with caution and care.

Types of Douches

Douches are available in various styles and with different forms. The most popular is the bulb douche, this is easiest and most popular and comes in kits with different size nozzles

Some are adaptable to your shower of bath tap and others work with a pump. But with all things anal, one needs to be mindful of the delicate tissues in and around that area. Douching is done in preparation for anal sex – or some prefer to do it as a regular thing – when anal sex is practiced as part of their playtime.

Is douching safe?

Yes, it is purely a matter of personal choice. But remember, the gut has its own level of healthy bacteria which is essential to your body, so less is certainly more, if you are considering anal douching.

Where can we purchase an anal douche?

Anal douches are widely available. Secret Corner has a variety of choices of anal douches in store or via our website. So choose your anal douche, if you have no idea where to begin, the trained staff will certainly make you feel at ease and give you the best advise possible.

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