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Top Selling Sex Toys for Men 2020

Real sex positivity applies to everyone. The world of sex toys for men has opened and we are excited to say, we apply sexual pleasure equally, and remove the idea that male masturbation has a stigma or that anal play is taboo for men.

Father’s Day is in a couple of days and things are really tough out there. We are relegated to staying at home – and most of what we love has been embargoed. But not for us. We keep the sexy fun right at your fingertips.

Secret Corner live up to our pristine reputation. Good sex. Better sex, gay play and masturbation and couples play is our business – We advocate equality – without boundaries.

We look at the top eight selling male sex toys. Not only are they excellent for solo flying, but stroking the tiger, choking the chicken or some good old-fashioned self-love.

Flashy and Fleshy Masturbators and Strokers

Tenga Masturbator 03 Spinner Shell

Tenga is well known for its uniqueness. Spinner is the ideal stroker with its twist feature as you insert your penis into the unit. The internal coil in the Spinner twists giving riveting sensations with each stroke. Six inches of sensational insertion length and two inches of sung fitting pleasure. Try out the latest in male strokers. Fanned tiles to fan your flames.

tenga masturbator spinner 03 shell 3 1024x1024 d020c0fc bb33 456e 8224 178e8426a113 large

Fleshlight Lady Lager

Born in the heart of Texas, Lady Lager is your can of real feel fun. The Mini Lotus is the perfect vagina orifice and lotus inner texture lips. Hand brewed with Fleshlight SuperSkin materials. Makes this Lady discreet, fun, and easy to clean.

fleshlight lady lager discreet masturbator 1 1024x1024 81318124 f9d2 4a49 9d4e dd221c81bd03 large

Quickshot Vantage Masturbator

Fleshlight think off all the sexy possibilities! The Vantage is compact – The Dual-Orifice and SuperSkin texture. This compact masturbator is open on both ends – taking your blow job fun to new heights.

images 32 large

Cocky Cock Rings

BeCharmed Classic Plus Cock Ring

The new kid on the block.  The BCharmed Classic is soft and flexible with double rings for extra fun and pleasure. Five functions of pleasure and waterproof for extra wet fun. Designed with a flexible stretch of double rings to hold the scrotum and penis maintaining a throbbing strong erection and ensuring your playtime lasts longer.

bswish bcharmed plus double cock ring 1 1024x1024 bb01c689 25a8 4b23 9fce 13dd569ddf76 large

Screaming O – Big O

The cock ring with superpowers! Screaming O never cease to please. Extra stretchy design making it a comfortable fit. Thicker in width to ensure comfort. Silky texture to ensures clitoral pleasure. Rechargeable for hours of fun.

bigo rechargeable ring secret corner 2 1024x1024 b3137e8c 95c4 458a 91ad fc0ee3db01cc large

  Anal Play and Bum Fun

Anal sex is possibly the most sought-after orgasm. Myth or not, everyone wants to open the back door and flood themselves with the release of endorphins it produces. It is not a gay guy thing. There are rules of the game, which are obvious – read more here:

Flexi Felix

Flexi Flelix by Fun Factory is kinky and bendy to ensure that you reach your anal fun heights. Soft and flexible with graduating bead size. The fun finger grip with caterpillar eyes will ensure that all levels of pleasure are reached. Felix is ideal for beginner’s anal fun and discovering the pleasure and reaching anal orgasms.

flexi felix fun factory 1024x1024 477c4d73 5a0d 45bf a883 512b3494a88a large


Rocks Off RO-Zen is like no other anal plug you will find. Designed for all round pleasure and explosive orgasms. Cock Ring and Anal Plug in one with strategically placed nobles for added pleasure.  Powered by 7 speed RO-80mm bullet. Lavish with anal lube and enjoy the ride.

 rocks off zen anal toy cock ring 1 1024x1024 05ca4a69 0428 4277 9931 1ad4591aeb8e large

Spring Clean Your Toy Collection 1 large

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