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Top 10 Sex Positions to Spice up 2022

sex positions

Say adieu to 2021 and hello to 2022!

It’s no secret that 2021 was enough to kick us in the groin and push our boundaries. 

Its time to set some new resolutions in place for this year. 

Our sex lives are often the first thing that goes a bit stale as the year progresses. Don’t let this happen in 2022. 

Here are some sexy fun tips and sexy positions to jazz up your sex life and reignite passion.

We are aiming for orgasms, and we are talking about multiple orgasms.

Here are some exciting and new positions to try out to add some fun to your sex life.

Cork Popper

Do some popping of your own.- This is excellent for deep penetration. Sit legs crossed behind your man. Rock together, stimulating the twisting and turning of taking out a cork from your favourite bottle of red. Sure fire to explosive orgasms. Then go and open that bottle of red and enjoy.

Ball Dropper

For those who have a lover with a penis, this is for you. 

Focus your attention on the balls. Lick like a lolly, take them in your mouth and suck. To delay the orgasm gently, at the top of the scrotum, pull down. When he does blow… it will be explosive!

P.S… Have you tried a BALL STRETCHER?

Hors D’oeuvres Anyone?

Draw it out. Take your time. A nip and a lick here and there. Focus the attention on lingering the experience longer. Swap and take turns of delighting each other with exploring different tastes. Add to the fun choose a flavoured lube or Intimate Earth oral glide. You will be going back for more.

oral glide

Flying Solo

Here you have a smorgasbord of delights to take you there. An absolute must is the latest in Pleasure Air Technology, get it going and add your curved glass dildo inside, the deeper the better.

 On A Mission

Spice up the missionary position by propping up the hips with pillows or invest in a divine Steamy Shades inflatable sex wedge. The elevation of the hips allows for deeper penetration. Excellent for oral and fingering too.

Ready and Armed

This is for those ladies with lovely strong arms! Lean over the edge of the bed, hands on the floor below you, pushing your bum up so he can penetrate from behind. You can eventually slither onto the floor and snooze in the afterglow of sensual fun.


Leave her curled up and wake her with your throbbing penis from behind, feel her wake and gently rock against your member. A great way to kick start your day or end your nightshift. 

Girls Remote Fun

Christian Grey started all of this excitement and made women want to be controlled. Fifty Shades of Grey have a plethora of exciting items to get your remote fun going. Start the night with your remote love eggs inserted, hand over the remote controls and tease each other during the evening. You might not make it out of the car. Lift your skirts and eat your way to whammy double pleasure. 

relentless vibe

Come Hither

A perfect ending to a relaxing evening. Let her lie on her back, knees up and spread. Stroke her clit, (remember lathering’s of lube) sliding your fingers up and down the vagina. Insert a finger deeply and feel her push down and you stroke the g-spot with that come hither motion of the finger or fingers and watch her writhe in ecstasy. 

Open Spoon

Also a great way to start the day. Lazy sex while stimulating the g-spot. Let her roll on her back and drape her leg over you opening wide for some deep action and grinding. Perfect for extra clit stimulation too.

Got That?

Now that we have that covered. Look at clearing out your sex toy box. Chuck out what has passed it’s sell by date. No, throw it away it no longer has a purpose. There are far more exciting new items to explore with.

Whether you are single or not. There is always time to explore something new. A new dildo? try the Cocktails by Swan – deliciously flexible and the colours will make you want to taste it. Not to mention the free buzzing little bullet vibe that comes with it. 

cocktails bottoms up


If ever there was a time to add some light to the bedroom, is now. 

Shop online for the latest in sex toys and discover just how sexy it can be. 

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