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“Squirting” and What You Need To Know.

what is squirting

Squirting for women is something that we are asked on a daily basis. Men ask to help get their partners to squirt and women want luscious goodies to let them squirt.

Squirting is known as, “jizzing”‘ the female ejaculation, the Tsunami of Love to name but a few.

But the illusive “squirting” has yet to be unravelled. Is it real and does it actually happen? Well the answer is a huge YES!

What Is It?

Squirting is referred to the ejaculation of fluid from the vagina during sex or masturbation.

Although, it has been argued, female ejaculating and squirting are two different things. 

Squirting usually comes from the G-Spot’s Skene’s glands and the urethral sponge are all located in the same area of the body.

The typical ideal is that if you stimulate one place you are most likely going to stimulate them all. The vagina is a mystical thing and is hallowed ground. 

How Does It Feel?

Well, how does and orgasm feel? Everyone is slightly different; however, the general consensus is it feels like an orgasm, or it occurs with an orgasm. A very wet orgasm.

When pressure is applied to the urethra, some women feel the need to bare down and need a pee immediately,  but it is not pee it is a really wet orgasm

Can Everyone Squirt?

This is a very contentious question.

Studies on squirting have shown a relatively far amount of this has been understudied and there have been conflicting results. Scientifically speaking, anybody with a vulva has the “mechanics” to squirt.

That does not essentially mean that everyone will or does. An estimated 10-50 percent of women do.

Just remember, not being able to or not quite getting it, does not make sex any less enjoyable, but gives a playing field of exploration.

The Lowdown of Porn

I think porn has given unreal expectations about squirting. If porn were any indication of peoples everyday sex lives, we’d all be shooting out liquid streams of erotic bliss with every orgasm. Close. But no cigar.

Apparently, for some women, squirting comes naturally, while other women it may be a learning experience. Nothing quite beats exploring your vagina and discovering new and erotic sensations. And that includes squirting.

You’ll Never Know if You Don’t Try.

If you are serious about discovering the blissful fountain of love. Let’s see if we can unravel the myth of it.

Skene’s Glands play an important role in both urinary and sexual health. When aroused, the Skene’s Glands sits at the lower region of the end of the urethra, when stimulated secretes a mucus fluid which assists lubrication during intercourse. It is believed that these fluids may account for the female ejaculation. 

Find Your G-Spot

Like the Fountain of Love, the G-Spot is as elusive. Once you have discovered it, you will also discover a range of new and exciting sensations.  What you are pushing is erectile tissue that surrounds the urethra. As you get stroking you’re actually changing the angle of the bladder and that makes it easier for fluid to be expelled. Relax your pelvic floor as you stimulate the G-Spot. 

A Little Help From A Toy

G-Spot Stimulation is actually the key to squirting. Invest on a vibrator that is angled upward and strokes or at least reaches the G-Spot. 

rechargeable toys

Pleasure Air Technology

I’ve had many a conversation about the deliciousness of an Pleasure Air clitoral stimulator; and women have reported that they have squirted. I have to say, the area just below the clitoris, which is what I refer to as the U-Spot, or Skene’s Glands, that delightful spot, when stroked, lubricates the vagina enormously. Could this be the road to female ejaculation or squirting?

Read on U-Spot Stimulation here:

Lift and Tone

Get used to controlling the pelvic floor muscles. Just by using your pelvic floor muscles in repeated succession, you will feel the sparks begin. Practice pulsing those muscles. This is all part of the process to the female ejaculation process or Squirting. 

Just by doing your squeezing when you feel your orgasm building, pay attention and relax. This is where baring down lets the muscles relax so you can enjoy a fuller squirting experience.

Try. And then Try Again

If you do not succeed at first, or even after a few attempts; that is your natural body impulse is keeping anything from coming out of the urethra. Just relax and let it happen.

Your body is your playground of pleasure. The more you discover the more you want to discover. There is a little someting for everyone. And discovering how we as women can ejaculate? 

What About Sex Toys?

Sex toys play an important role in being able reach that fountain of love. 

Clitoral Suction Vibrators

The Womanizer has to be one of the best sex toys for ladies. They keep reinventing it and it just gets better. We have had several responses from very satisfied women that have “squirted” when using one of the Womanizer or any Air Pleasure toy.

I happen to love Satisfyer. But there is something unique about the sensation that the Air Pleasure gives. And a very wet orgasm is one of them.

Curvy Wands

pipedream icicles no 62 clear glass dildo closeup

When choosing a wand, think about the G-Spot – it’s right up there and back a bit so I think that a glass wand is not only gorgeous, but it is curved to reach up and stroke the g-spot, which incidentally, does give that sensation of wanting to pee. It’s not pee, its a lovely wet orgasm. 


Fun Factory Be-One

The Be-One is the innovative couples toy taking foreplay to another level. This is the next generation in stimulation. Be-One slips onto the middle or index finger and is angled perfectly to stimulate the labia, vulva and clitoris. This increases blood flow and get’s you aroused. A perfect prelim to your squirting journey. 

fun factory be one

Enjoy the Experience

While you get down and discover the bliss of the love fountain, remember to explore your entire body.

Add a touch of nipple play, using a stimulating lube or serum adds to the pleasure. 

Use your fingers so you can FEEL the sensations and where they are coming from.  If it is not fun, then it is not good. 

Feel and focus on the good sensations as opposed to trying to reach the goal. Getting into the game will get you to the goal. Be patient and enjoy the experience.

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