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Sex Toys Guide – Facts, Figures, Fantasies.

We have decided to compile a Sex Toys Guide with all the amazing facts, figures and fantasies that go hand in hand with the industry. As cool and new exciting infomation is found, or is provided by our awesome customers, we will continue to update this page!

Predicted Worldwide Sex Toy Market Sales

The sex toy market is absolutely banging! Excuse the pun.  Check the following sex toys sales all over the world. Stats here from Satista

Sex Toys Market

Sales Forecast


2019 – 2026

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The Dildo Sex Toy History Time-Line

According to Wikipedia, the dildo has been around for some 30 000 years. Imagine that. Now let us show you a history of the dildo as scientists, archaeologist to sex toy enthusiasts have put together over the years.

Approx. 28 000 years ago

sex toy history - stone dildo

Material – Stone

Discovered in a cave in Germany is measured 20 cm (7.8 inches) long, 3cm wide, rounded at the end like a penis, and polished to perfection.


Approx. 1220

sex toy history - chinese cock ring

Material – Goat Eyelid Cock Ring

In China approximately 800 years ago saw the invention of the goat eyelid cock ring (the eyelashes left attached for her pleasure). The elastic ring would grip the base of the penis to keep the blood trapped in the tissue for a stronger erection.



sex toy history steam powered vibrator

Material – Steam Powered Engine

American physician Dr George Taylor created a steam powered dildo that was made of an extremely jumpy steam engine with a phallic object attached. The device was used by “medical practitioners” to treat women with hysteria and other ailments.


sex toy history - dr barker vibrator

Material – Electromechanical

In 1880, more than a decade before the invention of the electric iron and vacuum cleaner, physician, Dr. Joseph Mortimer Granville, patented the electromechanical vibrator. Vibrators, both plug-in and later battery-powered, were immediate hits.



fifty shades of grey novel

Paper, Whips and Chains

2011 saw the release of Fifty Shades of Grey novels which was followed with series of films who saw the first release in 2015. This erotic romance had a massive global impact on the Bondage and BDSM genre of sex toys.
Cosmopolitan wrote an article that reports Fifty Shades Of Grey sees 400% increase in sex toy sales. 
‘In 2012 alone, sales of whips and teasers increased by more than 50 percent and sales of pleasure beads increased by more than 200 percent!’ – Womens Health Mag

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