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SevenTypes of Orgasms? Yes! Here is How to Have Them.

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Seven types of orgasms? Well yes!

The More The Merrier!

Nothing beats the heady and endorphin rushing feeling of an orgasm.

There are strokes, tickling that are assured to give you an orgasm. But we have a variety of breath-taking orgasms for you to try. Variety is the spice.. of… sex if you like.

Why stick to the basic of having an orgasm. Its as boring as the same meal eaten 3 times a day!

Explore new and different horizons and discover the different orgasms the female body is capable of experiencing.

Most orgasms focus on the vagina.  Just because you had an orgasm, does not mean it was good sex!

The Anatomy of an Orgasm

An orgasm is a physical response that happens when the muscles tighten and during sexual arousal and relax through a series of rhythmic contractions. (Kegel Muscles).

No two orgasms are the same. They ebb and flow in terms of intensity, depending on which part of your body is being stimulated.

Clitoral Orgasm

The clitoris is well known for being called , “The Sweet Spot” or the “Popping Orgasm, with the right amount of attention and the latest in orgasmic “Pleasure Wave Technology” – the clitoral orgasm has jumped up a notch or two.

It is no longer up and down, or back and back and forth. The clitoral orgasm is an all new and sensuous experience.

Pay attention to the new and exciting clitoral toys and discover different sensations of clitoral orgasms. Get to know your clit better.

G-Spot Orgasm

We have known about the G-spot for a lot longer than we care to admit.

Tucked away on the front wall of the vagina, halfway between your vaginal opening and cervix. It is not a tactile little nubbin. BUT it shudders with sensation when you discover the G-Spot.

Pressing the g-spot lightly, with gentle strokes is what women do to get themselves ready for a g-spot orgasm,

Sexual arousal will become engorged with blood and the g-spot will swell up and push forward.

Fingers, penis or curved vibrator will trigger this intense orgasm.

Discover serums that aid or assist in swelling the g-spot making it not easy to miss or if you are ready, a small butt plug will push the g-spot forward. Squirting? We’ll get you there.

discover g sopt serum



Blended Is Better

If you have the patience to blend stimulation; then blend and mix and discover and play! A blended orgasm is a climax that occurs when one or more erogenous are being stimulated at the same time.

G-spot stimulation and clitoral stimulation simultaneously done is a sure fire burst in an almost instant climax.

This is also something to explore with clitoris, nipple and anal play blended with  vaginal penetration.

The more stimulation there is, the more blood flow there is to the vagina.

A combination of teasing and touching will trigger a blended orgasm.

A is for Anal Orgasm

Anal sex is not for everyone. But once you have explored, you will realise that an anal orgasm is one you should have known about.

Because the anus and the rectum are so close to the vagina and the clitoris, many of the same nerve enringing’s and muscles are shared, and the PC muscle is highly sensitive  causing an intensity in women that can trigger a vaginal, as well as an anal orgasm spontaneously.

(The rectum connects the colon to the anus, which is the opening where stool exits the body. The internal and external anal sphincters are rings of muscle at the opening of the anus. The sphincters keep the anus closed as stool collects in the rectum).

Please bare in mind there are risks with anal play. Consider it carefully and discuss it with you partner – and above all… practice safe sex.

The U Spot

Yes! You read correctly. The U Spot, as in urethra. The itty bitty opening as well as a nerve packed sheath of erectile tissue around. The nerve endings are sensitive and supply other areas of the genitalia sexual pleasure.

You will discover this with gentle stroking just under the urethra, the more you stroke the more aroused you will become. It is also a trigger for natural lubrication.

As we have said, no two vaginas are the same so you might find you need to spread you vulva and vagina and inner and outer labia to find it. But when you do? You will know. It’s the hidden little tikki spot along with the P-spot, G-spot where it all get a little hot hot hot!

Deep Vaginal Erogenous Zone Orgasm – Cervical Orgasms

It stands to reason that the deeper the penetration, then more intense the orgasm. There are added erogenous zones deeper in the vagina.

Lets start with the A-Spot (anterior fornix) which is located past the G-spot on the same anterior wall of the vagina.

The O – Spot is sometimes called the C – spot. Cervical stimulation may play a very important role in arousal and pleasure.

Explore different positions to get that deep stimulation. The best is to sit on top, bringing knees up (squatting over the penis) and use the kegel muscles to bare down and relax. This can be seen as Tantric – the orgasm from this is intense and deep. Both of you will feel the difference. Very little movement happens on the outside. It is all deeply within you.

Kegel balls ben wa balls

Explore these muscles with a set of Kegel balls

Nipple – Gasms

The sensitive spot that hurts with pleasure!

If you have experienced a nipple orgasm from nipple stimulation alone, girls! You have had  a Girl Boner!

“Nipple self-stimulation activates the same [brain] region as orgasm,” he said, “which was a big surprise to my male neuroscience colleagues, but not to my female neuroscience colleagues.” 

Men have erogenous nipples too, so spread the nipple orgasmic love and discover an entire different way you see your orgasms.

Invest in a set of nipple clamps or nipple suckers. There is a fine line between pleasure and pain and nipple clamps take you there.

Oh Why not Try a “Hands Free” Orgasm

For so women are lucky enough to, “Ready, think and go”, yes you are correct. Some women can think themselves to an orgasm. Using your full capacity to manipulate the inherent mental and physical power of your mind, you are well on your way to owning your orgasms in their entirety


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