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Oh my! Anal O

A new look into anal play – We explore the latest in anal massage and stimulation. The Peristalsis, latest in anal massagers is ideally designed to stimulate natural rhythms of the inner and outer sphincters.

Simple, sleek and designed to stimulate peristaltic sensations within the anal canal, effectively self-massaging the anal-rectal area. Toning and massaging the lower body systems, endorsing Pro-State Prostate Massage.

Specifically designed to improve blood circulation and pelvic muscle strength. As the Peristalsis tries to eject the device, the sphincter retains it. Interesting series of muscle stimulation. This gives a form of kegel locking spasms which is apparently, utterly awesome. This has been fondly and appropriately named, and “Anal O”, with small sets of anal clenching and releasing, inducing powerful spasms.

Ideally designed to begin with the larger ball and work your way to the smaller one. The sphincter will lock onto the widest point of penetration. So, to train it, a series of involuntary sensations will occur.

Like the Super O, (Prostrate Orgasm), the Anal O can last for as long as your stamina lets you by: –

  • Engaging different muscles, it increases your pelvic floor awareness and how the muscles work together and teaching pelvic control.
  • Improves muscle tone and strength, which increases stamina for longer lasting and more intense Super or Anal O’s

Use lots of lube, a lot of luscious water-based lube, this minimises friction and helps the toy move smoothly. Relax after you have inserted, then begin gently contracting and releasing the sphincter muscles.

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Contracting will draw the device into the rectum, releasing will relax the sphincter muscles pushing the toy out, but don’t let the toy come out altogether. Don’t use your hands to assist you, discover the pleasure in this tiny inner muscle movement. Repeat… once the spasms begin, they will involuntarily contract and release, without movement your pounding Anal O is reached.

Ideally, it is advised to use an anal toy specifically designed for this – we suggest surgical stainless steel, as it is healthy and easy to clean, and of course it retains heat and cold – giving that extra edge to your anal playtime.

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