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keep your sex toys clean

Keep Your Sex Toys Clean

How to keep your Sex Toys Clean

Keeping your sex toy clean is essential to maintaining optimal sexual health. Sex toys navigate a sensitive terrain. There is nothing “dirty” about genitals, but bacteria can build up on toys and that is how infections are spread. You should be cleaning your sex toys before and after every time you use them. Regardless if you’re using a vibrator, dildo, strap on or your leathers. Keep your toys and pleasure items clean.

How do You Keep Toys Clean?

Ensure that your clean your toys before and after use. Using a dash of hot water, a good toy cleaner and a towel. Drying your toy can either be done by leaving it to air dry or you can pat it dry – but never pack your wet or even slightly moist toy away – these harbour bacteria and honestly, not a healthy choice.

Remember to ensure that batteries are removed, and the casing is closed. If you are not using your battery-operated toy, remove batteries and leave the cartridge empty. Your rechargeable toy, well, you have invested in this – so treat it with care. Ensure that the charging portal is never submerged in water – regardless if it is water proof or not. There is only so much moisture that your waterproof toy wants to endure without shutting down.

Air dry your toys, not on a hot surface or directly in the sun – sex toys are specifically designed for body safety, and silicone can get sticky or jelly like if left in direct heat or not cleaned regularly.

Penis Pumps

Take the penis pump apart, each part individually. Any lubricant will leave a slight residue on the pump and this must be removed. So wash with warm soapy water, use a cloth or a brush.

 Invest in a good anti-bacterial toy cleaner. Healthy choices have a slight stringent agent – these are body safe. We love the Intimate Earth Tea Tree foam cleaner – in fact less chemicals are more effective.

The Real Deal of Real Feel

There are a few items that require specific cleaning instructions, gents, this is for you. Any of your “real feel” masturbators require. The combination of silicone and various rubbers can melt, and you will end up with a sticky mess. These are not to be left laying around gathering dust after using them. 

Basic Cleaning

Ensure your hands are clean of all-natural oils and any traces of dust or dirt – these are impossible to remove. Always use a water-based lube, this is water soluble. Silicone lubricants will deteriorate the natural feel of your masturbator or real feel toy.

Never share your masturbator. They are porous making it a perfect place to harvest and keep nasty germs – These include STD’s. Always use an antibacterial cleaner – let it dry naturally and a renewing powder to keep the stickiness at bay. Fleshlight have thought about it all – giving you a full range of lubricants, cleaners and renewing powders. And this is ideal. You chose the Roles Royce of a sex toy – now treat is as such!


So, when purchasing your new toy, or revamping your playroom, do not leave the shop without an excellent lubricant and a fresh antibacterial toy cleaner. And gents, remember, a renewing powder for those pocket pussies. And please, do not use talcum powder, that are known to contain cancer causing phthalates.

Store all real feel toys separately from the other toys in your collection. Keep all toys in a box or bag in a cool dry place away from any direct heat. Invest in a dildo bag, or a box so it stays clean and dry without gathering any nasties.

There are divine dildos made of glass, or metal. These possibly require the least maintenance. You can boil them, put them in the dishwasher – ensure all detergents are rinsed off thoroughly to avoid any soapy reactions. So wooden dildos, although are awesome, are porous, so these have all the potential to harvest bacteria. A scrubbing brush and air dry your prized wooden or leather dildo.  

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