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Hot Female Masturbation Tips

Masturbation month of May is here, but we believe that masturbation is an everyday thing, but humour us and see what the experts say about female masturbation.

We do love our men but love ourselves more; and there is an entire playground to discover with female masturbation. So instead of sticking to the method of pleasure that you are assured an orgasm from, try something new.
hot female masturbation tips - secret corner

There are so many different masturbation techniques, women are masturbating all the time and ladies sex toys have morphed into an entire plethora curvaceous, purring, sucking and vibrating items, you certainly want to have next to your bed.

But. Most of us stick to a method that works – an orgasm is after all the best tonic a girl can have. Flushing our cheeks, relaxing and letting us vent. Try something new instead of leaning over and grabbing Mr Rabbit and getting off in a hurry.

Finger play is where we started discovering the pleasure of our vaginas. Voila we discovered the clitoris – venture further.  

  • Lie on your back, legs slightly apart, using fingers to part them labia and pressing it against the length of the clit, insert your finger in a circling motion changing pressure as arousal changes. Increase the sensations by squeezing the thigh muscles together.
  • Again, on your back. Knees apart. Place the palm of your hand on the Mons Venus your fingers will be able to fondle the clit and labia in a circling motion add some gentle pinching to heighten the experience.
  • Lie on your belly, both hands between your open legs. Fingers pressing against the vulva and clitoris. Pelvic thrusts and grind against your hand and away you go.
  • Sit on a nice comfortable chair. Legs apart. Take the clitoris between the thumb and index finger pulling back the hood increasing sensitivity.

A clitoris or vaginal pump is a wonderful little item to add to your playtime. It increases blood to the surface, swelling the labia and clitoris. Some pumps come with a bit of a vibration. This takes your finger play to an entirely different and exciting level, once you have pumped your vagina or clit you will never want to just settle anything less.

Water play has always been excellent for quick and furious orgasm. In the pool against the gushing shaft that circulates the water in the pool or jacuzzi. In the shower, if the showerhead comes off its mounting, get comfortable and open your legs. Most showers come with different pulses and of course temperature control.

A quick note on shower play. Be mindful, an orgasm is said to weaken the knees!

Bath play also has many ways to excite your masturbation fun. Push your bum up against the bath directly under the tap. Tilt your vagina closer to the flow of water, adjust the temperature and pressure as you go. Use you hands to open the labia exposing the clitoris. Lie back, relax and enjoy.

If youre going to get wet… Get very wet.

Vibrators have changed from the phallic looking object and developed into orgasmic items of pleasure. Choosing your vibrator is a very personal thing and frankly can be a very enlightening experience if you choose the right place to do your sexy shopping. Chat to the staff and discuss what it is you are looking for. Roger Rabbit is good, but some women find that the penetration length is shortened, making room for Mr Rabbit. So, choose carefully. Look. Feel and discuss with the consultant. Some vibrators thrust and rotate. The ever-friendly bullet vibrator for girls on the go… a quick orgasm in the bathroom or while waiting in traffic. Why not.

But vibrators have certainly developed into gorgeous items of play. Purring gently over your clitoris, which mind you, is the shape of a wishbone, so sends deep sensations between those thighs. And with the development of touchless clitoris stimulation that has hit us, an orgasm has never felt better. But it does not begin and end there with choosing a vibrator. Width and length as well as flexibility to reach your g-spot. A combination of clitoral and g-spot stimulation gives mind blowing orgasms.

Some women love a dildo. The real feel and look of a penis, others prefer to colour their masturbation walls in bold and bright colours – some dildos come with scrotum and some vibrate, some include a strong suction cup. The suction cup sticks onto any smooth surface. Plug it and ride it. And some dildos are beautifully crafted in glass. Glass dildos are not only beautiful, but fun to play with. Glass allows for temperature play and wonderfully easy to clean.

Lubricant. Lubricant. Lubricant. Use a good water-based lube. Silicone is not pussy friendly, and neither is it toy friendly.  Choose something that simulates your own lubrication. Some have slight stimulating effects. Caffeine really boosts and enhances sensations, as does strawberry and watermelon, an aphrodisiac.

Masturbation is an amazing way to alleviate the daily grind – choose other ways to grind, hump and play. Don’t just save it for May, make masturbation a part of your life and enjoy every single moment of discovering your own levels of arousal and finding new items and toys to pleasure yourself.

Happy Masturbating Month of May!

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