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Female Super Capsules – The good. The Bad and the Necessary.

Pink Pill

As a result of adverse effects reported for prescription medications for women’s health, women are turning to botanicals. 

Most of these are found in over the counter libido enhancing tablets, for a quick libido boost when you feel the need for a little bit of a lift.

As a rule of thumb, I have shied away from these magical little tablets. I have opted for a topical serum or lube. Offering this to the many ladies who query about their lack of libido, or, lack of orgasms.

Not being in the mood is perfectly normal.

Ingredients such as Dong Quai, Wild Yam and other herbs have been used for female sexual hormone therapy for longer than we know.

Let’s Take A Look

female desire botanicals
  1. Dong Quai  also know as, “female ginseng” known for its libido enhancing capacities in women, treat infertility and ease menstrual cramps. Studies have shown dong Quai in different forms will increase female libido and is often used in alternative hormonal treatment. 

  2. Ashwagandha known to aid in revitalising passion by boosting hormone levels. DHEA  (boosting bone density and regulates hormones): it is also known to increase female libido and increase clitoral sensitivity.
  • Gingo Biloba: Usually known to increase memory. It has also been found to be a slow acting, but long term sexual enhancer. Nitric oxide improves the blood supply to the clitoris, labia enhancing libido.
  • Agnes Castus:   is another botanical that lifts  the mood and enhances sexuality.
  • Wild Yam: Besides a myriad of other benefits Wild Yam has for women, it is best known to ease menopausal syndrome. Known as a phytostestroid or plant based steroid, specifically progesterone, which is known to increase libido in women. 

While we go into all the benefits of botanicals. It is essential to know that regardless of the benefits, there are pros and cons with all oral tablets and should not be taken lightly. It is best to seek the advise from your consultant.

Super Tabs for Women are not discussed often enough for libido enhancing properties, however used widely for menopausal syndrome; with little or no side effects. 

You Cannot Un-Ring the Bell

It is vital that you are aware of the contraindications that there are when used in conjunction with prescribed medication. Certain prescribed medications deplete libido or make it difficult to reach an orgasm. Do not confuse this with your sex drive. Opt for a serum or topical stimulant. 


 My Opinion

I believe that there is a little something for every woman out there to boost her libido. I can vouch for all of the above botanicals – used for menstrual and menopausal syndrome without any side effects.

The Essence of Sex Essentials

We carefully select sex essential for women to enhance your sexual journey. Secret Corner carefully select products to compliment your sexual experience and sexual wellbeing.

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Own Your Sexual Health

There are so many factors impacting on our sex lives at the moment. Science has catapulted us toward owning our intimate pleasure. Getting in touch with your sexual health is easier to approach, with a lot more to choose from.

When it comes to increasing blood flow to the vagina, we are spoiled for choice with different brands balancing  different elements to ensure that your sexual health is at pique level.

Choose From

  • The Pink Pill
  • Rocky for Her
  • Nasti coffee or tablets
  • MSS for Her

All of these are packed with natural ingredients, including Wild Yam, Soy Bean, Zink and Angeleca Sensis. This will not only increase your libido, but also give you an all over feel good feeling.


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