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Exploring Your Kinks

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Exploring your kinks? To explore your kinks is to understand the difference between Kink and Fetish:

Here’s Why:

Kinks and fetish are terms that have become a commonplace in the sexual culture over the past decade. There is a vast difference between the two.

Both terms are used in interchangeable or unusual sexual play.

Lets Take A Look:

What is Kink?

Its a generic word used to encompass all alternative sexual interests. Anything slightly outside the “norm”. Could include aspects of BDSM, group sex and so on.

Terms like ,”Kinky” may vary depending on the individual. 

What is a Fetish?

Fetishes are very specific and requires a specific requirement of an inanimate object to achieve arousal. It is either based on the psychology or the sensation.

A fetishist would typically not be able to experience sexual arousal without it. 

Now that, that is out of the way.

Let’s explore a few kinks that will add some interest and a bit of fuel to the fire in exploring your own kinks or discovering what kinks for you and what does not.

Start by thinking outside the box.
  • Sploshing

Wet and messy is one of the easiest kinks to start off with. Sploshing or WAM is when things get really messy.  The necessary evil here is covering your partner with juicy food, eating food off each other. 

This is not as unpopular as you may think. Food is and always been a sensual thing. Don’t worry about going over board.  Food play is popular and you can let your imagination run a bit wild. food

You can add to your pallet, some edible chocolate body paint, or some orgasmic oral glide that is drenched in succulent flavours like cherry or apples and tangerine. Add your own edible finale and remember have fun while playing safe.

  • Auditory Kink

Let your tongue go loose here! This play involves the use of swear words during sex. It also allows you to explore different levels of role play where “dirty talk”, would be the order of the moment. Different accents can be used, depending on the roleplay. Experiment with different scenes and make it as interesting as you want.

  • Pygophilia

The bum is one of the most sensualised areas of the human body. Someone who becomes sexually aroused by seeing or touching or touching someone’s bottom is what you could call Pygophilia.

This is usually more prevalent in men, women’s bums being the main attraction. Notwithstanding anal play being the ultimate end goal.

lace bum

Explore massage with some massage oils that heat, or invest in a candle that melts in warm soothing and arousing massage oil.

Invest in some lovely anal toys, vibrators and other dazzling bum fun.

Look here: 

  • Katoptronophilia

Nude reflected in mirror

We have all seen those movies with mirrors above the bed, and on every wall. Usually on cheap looking hotel rooms in cheaply made movies. Well, they do have their place in sexy play.

Katoptronophila involves acute arousal when being watched or watching your partner in a mirror. 

Explore this kink by adding a few mirrors next to your bedroom close to the bed.

It can go beyond just sex play. The idea of sitting in front of a mirror naked or semi naked, alluring in some scintillating lingerie is a very integral part of  Katoptronophilia.

If you love this and it does turn the two of you on, then invest in putting a few up in the bedroom or have furniture made with mirrors that you incorporate into your sex life in the long term

  • Orgasm Control

Orgasm control is also referred to as “Edging” –

In the kink world, orgasm control is often used by the Dom to the Sub. This practice includes ebbing the submissive from having an orgasm. Deprivation, is often used, as is taking the sub to the edge of orgasm and stopping on the brink. 

Orgasm control can be fun on your own, in this instant we are discussing kinks – (then I believe a bit of solo flying kink is really sassy) 

When orgasm control is done with a partner, there is an incredible feeling of power that comes with it, the feeling that having such control over their partner’s orgasm.

In partnered play one partner can provide stimulation, bringing their partner right up to the brink of orgasm and then back off slightly, just enough, but not enough to orgasm. 

The idea is that, for as long as you choose, you let your partner take control and determine when and how you orgasm.

As with everything on this page, anyone can engage in orgasm control regardless of their genitalia.  

  • Sensation Play

Adrenaline wheel

Sensation play is one of the heightened paths to intense erotica. It can refer to a big range of activities based on the receiving or the withholding of different stimuli. 

One partner can be blindfolded and the other deprive them of their sense of sight, in itself, this is a sensory deprivation.

Sensory deprivation heightens the other senses. Blindfolding your partner is the tip of the iceberg. But it does lend itself to some wonderful sensory play. 

Like ice or flame trailed over the skin or hot wax, known as Temperature Play;  are all means to tease with a blindfold.

Using an Adrenaline wheel, or lightly trail a flogger over the skin is sensational. Using fingers or a feather to biting your partner, are a part sensation play.

  • BDSM

BDSM which stands for, “bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism”, is one of the top sexual kinks in the world. Justin Lehmiller, PhD found that at least 65% of people were open to the idea of submission than they were of dominance.

BDSM involves an erotic power exchange through dominance and submission. BDSM is kinky, but not all kinks fall under Kinks. Try not to blur the lines between a Kink and a Fetish. 

Role playing, is a good start, naughty school girl, or naughty but nice night nurse are great to begin with. A bit of spanking may take place.

Bondage Play


Bondage is the use of restraints. Usually used in a form of dominance and submission, it does fall under the BDSM umbrella. 

Generally you can use anything you have, a scarf or a belt, but look at building your bondage box with these lovely ideas:


Engaging in restraint play requires safety, establish boundaries and use a single safe word. Communicate at every step with your partner and emphasise consent. 

If this is something new, then start off slow. Do your homework and read up about the different levels of bondage play there are and set your own parameters.

  • Knismolagnia

This is also a kink that can be made into mainstream bedroom play. Knismolagnia is a “tickling fetish” and goes well with bondage play. 

This goes well with people who become aroused by being tickled lightly and goes hand in hand with people that like fee or armpit areas of the human body. The feet and toes are the parts of the body that are most likely to be erotised, the most common sexual kink is in these areas.

Feather under arm

Heighten the sensation by using a blindfold. To remove one sense, heightens the others. 

  • Voyeurism

Of all the fetishes, voyeurism or getting sexual pleasure from watching others who are engaging in sexual activities, one of the most common fetishes. 

Naturally, as with every other fetish, only ever engage in voyeurism consensually. The flip side of voyeurism is exhibitionism, which means sexual pleasure is achieved by allowing others to watch you. 

Remember, regardless of your fetish or kink, consent is vital. This is fertile grounds for misunderstandings if consent is not absolutely explicit. 

A healthy sex life is when fetishes or kinks are expressed and not repressed. As long as the feelings are mutual. 

As long as the desire is safe and based on mutual consent, there is no reason that everyone involved can’t pursue their sexual pleasures mutually.

  • Lingerie

Last but not least. Ravishingly, luscious lingerie.

Bondage lingerie is exciting, bold and feminine all at the same time. Mixed with satin and lace, bondage lingerie consists mostly of straps to bind your body in the most beautiful places.

Erotic lingerie is the trend of the moment and we can see why. A delightful mixture of contemporary lingerie with a modern twist. It is bold and exciting at the same time. 

Inspired by bondage; restraints wrapped around your body into the most beautiful lingerie.

We are seeing more and more strappy detail both inside and out of the bedroom. 

So, in short, bondage lingerie is the perfect tool of seduction for the self-conscious women, who adores a bit of provocation.

Another perk of strappy lingerie is that everything is adjustable to each form , shape and curve to accentuate the most beautiful curves of the feminine figure.

If bondage lingerie is your style them look at some of the bondage cuffs, harnesses and suspenders that are so hip and so sexy. 

Uncover yourself!

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