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Water vs Air Penis Pumps

Secret Corner is always on point with the latest in information and new products – we explore the basic features and benefits of using a penis pump and how to choose the best pump suited for your individual use.

There is a growing trend for the use of penis pumps, with gents looking to either enhance the length of their erection or the duration that it is, in fact erect. But, as with everything, there are teething problems in choosing which penis is right for each individual.

Vacuum and Hydro penis pumps are very popular – In the health and penis enlargement industry. Either you want it, or you don’t!

  • What are the benefits of using a penis pump?
  • Boosting self confidence
  • Helps enhance sexual stamina and lets you last longer in bed
  • Assists in straightening or correcting curved penises (yes, it’s a fact)
  • Assists in increasing the length of the penis, increases size of glans
  • Gives immediate and visible outcome, though temporary, completely practical for the purposes of sex
  • Gives rock hard erections on request
  • Hydro Pumps are excellent for their efficiency in penis girth

Penis pumps have been around the medical world for quite some time in aiding with erection related problems; with the air vacuum penis pump was the first pump available.

Hydro pumps hit the market with a massive boom, with Bathmate being the leader of the pack.


It’s tough to say as both have their advantages and their disadvantages. With an air vacuum penis pump, there is relatively no or little “mess” – Hydro pumps require splashing of water and a shower or bathtub is necessary. Hydro Pumps do, however give the user the privacy of a bathtub or shower.

Air vacuum pumps have been in the market for a lot longer and are regarded as easier to fit into a daily routine or everyday plan. Air pumps are as popular and cannot be faulted. Ideal for someone, “just trying it out”. More importantly sexual health issues such as these are to be explained to the purchaser. The use of a vacuum penis pump has caused some pain or bruising on the pelvic bone area. It is therefore important that you choose something with slightly thicker cushioning at the base and be fully aware of the pressure release valve – to ensure that immediate pressure can be released. Chat you your sexual health practitioner about these issues. “No pain no gain”, does not fit the criteria in this incidence.

However, most find that using a hydro pump is far more comfortable. It is not to be confused with the idea that the penis Corpus Chamber is filled with water, thus increasing its size! Which is a huge misconception. Hydro pumps achieve the acquired result by the pump chamber being filled with water and providing the suction effect with he bellows. The water is THEN drained out of the internal chamber of the pump. Voila! Bigger erection immediately.

In closing, let it be known, nothing is permanent. No tablet, no pump, and there is no magic potion either. Size is relative. We assure you that we will offer our best and most informed assistance in choosing your penis pump, or any other penis enhancement products. With regular use of your chosen penis pump, or product, although we never guarantee permanent use, we do assure you of informed information.

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