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Analingus 101 – Have some Bum Fun

dental dam

How Safe is Eating Ass?

Rimming, Analingus or eating ass may be fun for some, but it also brings with it, a host of risks. But these can be avoided.

Getting hot and steamy in the bedroom is essential and something we must look forward to exploring. 

Experimenting is a must but so is sexual safety and sexual health. Especially when it comes to orally pleasuring the anus. 

Yep, you got that right. It is time to brush up on our bum fun skills and touch on the matter of, eating ass aka rimming, which involves licking and sucking the anus and surrounding areas.

Dr Tanaya Narendra known for educating her audience as dr_cuterus, says, “while this is a sexual practice many people enjoy, or like to try,  they do so in an unsafe manner.

How do you like butt safely? Simply use a Dental Dam.

Now I have looked into these, and oddly as they look and clumsy they seem to be, I assure you, there would be no bum tongue and fun without one. 

Cover the butt hole with the Dental Dam, the skin is no longer in contact with the tongue or lips.

Why? Well, it  is vital to understand that there are severe risks that come with anal-oral sex. Not only the risk of STD’s, but a big risk of gut related infections like E.coli and Hepatitis A. 

There is also a risk of infection from the many parasites, viruses and bacteria that live in the intestine and bum, for that matter.

Besides, you do not want to spread these to the vaginal via your tongue, fingers or sex toy or penis.

There are other STI’s like herpes, syphilis and HPV that spread through Analingus or oral bum play.

If you are in a rush and only have condoms on hand, Be creative and fashion yourself one. 

Cut the top and bottom off the condom, leaving enough space to ensure you can cover all the bits, slit it down the middle and spread over the anus or vagina. 

dental dam 2

Don’t be put off by these things. Nothing beats a bit of bum fun. But play safe. Look out for Dental Dams, they are not only useful for anal play, but vaginal oral sex as well. 

Like keeping condoms handy, I think we should start looking at ensuring that we get a pack of Dental Dams., keep them handy. You never know when you might want to venture down the path of chewing some butt. 


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