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A Guide to Sex Toys for Men

Interested in learning a little bit more about the different toys that are available for men and how they work for optimal pleasure? Check out our Guide to Sex Toys for Men below.

What are Men’s Sex Toys?

Men love toys as much as women do. Men’s Sex toys are carefully curated, with every aspect of men’s sexual needs taken into account. Sex toys for men have a myriad of benefits – not only to stimulate pleasure, but to also increase stamina, confidence and improve overall sexual wellbeing. Globally, mens toys and masturbators have morphed into various styles, however, and brands are upping their game on a regular basis. South African men have access to some of the top men’s sex toys globally; ensuring sexual health and wellbeing.

Sex toys for men preview

Different Sex Toys for Men and Top Brands

Men’s Sex Toys are as intricately designed as women’s. Each product has been crafted with pleasure in mind. Tenga – the twist and go type masturbator, Fleshlight – renown for their realistic feel and pleasure giving technology; to name but a few – but hang on we have only just scratched the surface of the divine toys for men that are available.

Our advice – choose a sex toy that is durable, it need not be expensive, but at least let it give you the pleasure you deserve. Adding an adult toy to your repertoire will boost confidence and increase confidence in the bedroom.


Cock Rings

The cock ring is a very underestimated sex toys. For harder and and longer lasting sex, no man should be without a cock ring. The cock ring will ensure that your erection is harder and that you take longer to ejaculate. Cock rings are designed to suit the shape and stealth of the penis. Choose from either a single ring or a double ring – and add to your partner pleasure, choose something with a vibrator that stimulates your partner – its a win win situation, you cannot go wrong with.

images 17


Penis Sleeves 

A penis sleeve is an added extra that can add length and texture to the penis. A penis sleeve comes in an array of different styles, textures and colours. This sex toy for men in an easy to use, non invasive way to a firmer and larger width penis. There are nobbles and ridges designed to mutual pleasure, either for the wearer or their partner.

oxballs muscle penis sheath

Magnificent Masturbators

There is no other way to say it. Male Masturbators are Magnificent. In such an array of styles, some fit into your pocket aka “pocket pussy” or you can go all out and invest in a Fleshlight, the worlds number one selling masturbator. Textured with male pleasure in mind. Each uniquely designed to suit what you are looking for. Not only have they managed to mimic the exact feel of your favourite porn star, Fleshlight have also managed to get the exact tone of the skin right. Male Masturbators are the sex toy for men, must have. 

There are various brands of masturbators to consider too. Some allow you to lie down and let it all happen, with your pleasure in mind. Plug it in, recharge it for an hour and enjoy hours of pleasure – Malesation, have evolved with a fab little rechargeable Vibro-Ray – inexpensive, rechargeable and taking men’s sex toys to an affordable level

Fleshlight Launch male masturbator

Prostate Massagers

Love your bum. Prostate massaging is not only a clinical aspect of men’s sexual health, but an enormous part of male sexual pleasure. Prostate massagers are an essential sex toy for men. Discover the untouched pleasure of an anal orgasm. Prostate massagers come in various sizes, and must not be mistaken for as just a butt plug. They are indeed quite different. The prostate massager has a certain specific shape, with the tip of the massager angled to gently massage the walnut size prostate gland. Manual prostate massagers are great but up your sex toy game and get something that has a remote, and is rechargeable and waterproof. A must add to your adult toy box.

anal masturbators prostate massagers sex toys for me


So there you have it in a nutshell – no pun intended! 

In closing, gents – have you checked your prostate this month? Be wise and ensure that you have regular prostate checks at your doctor or local clinic.


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