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beginners guide to anal play secret corner blog

A Beginners Guide to Anal Play

A Beginners Guide to Anal Play

Lets face it – Anal Play is a Hot topic. Whether its something that excites you or not its a topic most couples and even singles are intrigued by at some point. So if you are wanting to become a little more eccentric in your sex play and have thought about a bit of anal – then Read on.

beginners anal sex guide - secret corner blog

The myth of anal play has finally been removed and butt pleasure is out in the open. The truth is, Anal Play can be extremely enjoyable and a great addition to your sex life. Here we aim to give you some tips and guidelines to make sure your experience is as great as can be. A definite must is to ensure that you have a good balance and communication with your partner. You need to feel comfortable and at ease. A glass or two of wine will set the scene to start off. Afterall, the clitoris is not the only thing below the belt that is packed with nerves! Let’s get playing.

Tip 1: Anal Sex Lube! And lots of it. The anus doesn’t naturally produce lubrication so you are going to need some assistance. A good quality silicone lube will help make things slippery while an anal desensitizing spray or anal relaxing lube may make the situation easier for the first few times.

Tip 2: Start small. We recommend using some smaller anal sex toys here such as anal beads or a small butt plug. Another popular starter option is a finger. This combined a lot of communication between the two of you is always a good beginning. Start gradually, enjoy and explore together.

Tip 3: Start Slow. Enter and proceed slowly. Let your body get used to and adapt to this new feeling.

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When it comes to the wild world of anal play, anal beads are a great place to start. Most are specifically designed for beginners, and they have the benefit of being easy to use, yet deliver powerful results. Anal beads are good to start with as they are graduated in the bead size. One bead is all you need to start and its easy to stop there. These anal toys offer orgasmic pleasure once you have discovered inserting them to feel the pleasure of removing them slowly. 

There are several lovely discreet little butt-plugs available for a bit of experimentation as well. We love the Smiling Butt Plug – soft and flexible with the easy T-shape easy insertion, this handy little toy one of the top sellers for beginners’ anal play. For some curvaceous play, we like the Ass-Jacker Curved Plug, also soft and flexible, tapered for easy insertion and enabling you to graduate the process, the curved tip ensures that pleasure is reached in all he right places.

But in all its glory and all the toys that there are available. There are certainly a few serious factors that need to be considered. The general idea of something in and around “les Butt” – does send a few shivers up the spine – but keep it real. Always maintain good communication with your partner. A good antibacterial lubricant is essential – we suggest Intimate Earth, Soothe anal glide. The natural antibacterial Guava Extract will ensure that you play nicely!

Which brings us to the end of this, condoms, condoms and more condoms. Practising safe sex is essential, but there are a million micro organisms that can cause an infection which at all costs you want to avoid. Rocky have an excellent selection of juicy and flavoured condoms, some with extra lubricant to add to the pleasure. Oh, and don’t forget that a good antibacterial toy cleaner is essential.

Venture out there and get to enjoy the holy grail of anal play!

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