Indulge your partner with a foreplay massage

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Aphrodisia Body Powder | Bijoux

This Aphrodisia Body Powder is a Uniquely Perfumed Powder ...

R 510,00

Bijoux Bliss Bliss ( Massage Gel)

Bijoux Bliss Bliss is a Silky Smooth Massage Gel to help ...

R 510,00

Bijoux Caramel Warming Massage Oil

Bijoux Caramel Warming Massage Oil is the most deliciously ...

R 620,00

Bijoux Poeme Wild Strawberry

Bijoux Poeme Wild Strawberry is the best way to share those ...

R 620,00

Bijoux Soft Caramel Massage Candle

Bijoux Soft Caramel Massage Candle can not only shed new ...

R 630,00

Bodywand Mini Pink Massager

Bodywand Mini Pink Massager is a soft touch multi ...

R 585,00

Bthrilled Classic Wand

This Bthirlled Classic Wand is a waterproof massager.

R 660,00

Deco Discreet Massager

This Deco Discreet Massager is a travel size Vibrator, so ...

R 530,00

Delightfully Delicious Doughnut Love Ink | Poême

Delightfully Delicious Doughnut Love Ink | Poême is the ...

R 630,00

Excitation Massage Oil | Shunga

This Excitation Massage Oil allows you to unwind, relax and ...

R 340,00

Geisha Secret Collection - Shunga

Geisha Secret Collection - Shunga is the Ultimate ...

R 840,00

Intimate Touch | Guarana Massage Gel

Intimate Touch has the Guarana Massage Gel which adds that ...

R 205,00

Kinky Massage | Instruments of Pleasure

Kinky Massage | Instruments of Pleasure has all the ...

R 630,00

Lelo Massage Candle | Pear & Cedarwood

This Massage Candle is made from natural soy-wax, shea ...

R 490,00

Massage Candle | Bijoux

This Massage Candle is everyone's favourite Sensual Massage ...

R 620,00
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Nip Gloss Butter Caramel | Bijoux

This Nip Gloss Butter Caramel is a Delightfully Delicious ...

R 280,00

Nipple Lickems

Nipple Lickems is a way to make your lovers body even more ...

R 380,00

Petits JouJoux Waikiki Candle | Mytsim

Petits JouJoux Waikiki Candle | Mytsim is the perfect way ...

R 450,00

Picobong Massage Oil Candle | Choco/Chilli

Picobong Massage Oil Candle allows you first to set the ...

R 110,00

Picobong Massage Oil Candle | Coconut/Vanilla

Picobong Massage Oil Candle is a great way to bring the ...

R 110,00
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Sensual Erotic Massage

Bring together foreplay and massage with Sensual Erotic Massage Products. A sensual massage from your partner, followed by hot and erotic sex, could anything be more perect? Indulge your fantasies and go from a romantic rubdown to a naughty night.

Experience our Couples Massage Candles, Wands and Oils

Secret Corner has everything needed to have you relax and enjoy, in more ways than one, with Couples Massage Wands, Candles, Oils and more. Nothing gets those creative juices and thoughts flowing than our scented oils and massage candles.

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