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Keep it smooth and pleasurable

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Adventure | Anal Relaxing Serum

Create Adventure with this Anal Serum

R 475,00

Anal Relax Lube

Relax and enjoy!

R 210,00

Analyse Me! Comfort Glide

Analyse Me! Comfort Glide is a water-based lubricant ...

R 420,00

Back Door Lube | Pjur

Back Door Lube 100ml | Pjur is a relaxing Anal Glide made ...

R 370,00

Back Door Spray

The Back Door Spray helps make anal play more comfortable

R 400,00

Cherry Burst Water-Based Lube

This Cherry Burst Water-Based Lubricant allows you to add ...

R 160,00

Defence Lube | Intimate Earth

Indulge with Sea Kelp, Tea Tree Oil and Guava Bark Lube ...

R 345,00

Ease | Silicone Relaxing Anal Glide

This Lube is all about Ease

R 550,00

Elite | Silicone Shiitake Glide

All in one Silicone Personal Glide

R 525,00

Fresh Strawberries Oral Pleasure Glide

Did someone say strawberries and cream?

R 390,00

H2O Anal Warming Lube

The H2O Anal Warming Lube is the only water-based lubricant ...

R 260,00

Hydra | Plant Cellulose Glide

Have a smooth silky experience

R 295,00

Intimate Touch | Cooling Sensation Lube

Intimate Touch | Cooling Sensation Lube is an amazingly ...

R 190,00

Intimate Touch | Guarana Massage Gel

Intimate Touch has the Guarana Massage Gel which adds that ...

R 240,00

Intimate Touch | Passion Fruit

Intimate Touch Passion Fruit is an amazing addition to the ...

R 190,00

Intimate Touch | Silicone Lubricant

Intimate Touch has created Silicone Lubricant for the most ...

R 360,00

Joy Division Aquaglide

The JoyDivision Aquaglide Water Based lube is the ideal ...

R 315,00

Joy Division Aquaglide

Aquaglide by Joy Division is a quality Water Based ...

R 140,00

Malesation Glide Silicone Lube

This Malesation Glide Silicone Lube is great for Anal Play ...

R 190,00

Malesation Water-based Glide

Use this lubricant with all your silicone based sex toys

R 95,00
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Popular Personal Sex Lubricants

Keep your glide and slide smooth and sexy with Personal Lubricants. When going for that peak of Supreme Sex our lubes will make sure it is a smooth slide to that peak. Indulge your fantasies on your glide to sexual glory with our lubes that add extra feeling from tingling, warming and even sensitivity.

Keep it smooth and sexy with Anal Lube and Sex Lubes

Secret Corner has a vast selection of Sex Lubes to choose from. Read through our Lubricants Page for more information on what Lubes we offer.

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