Work hard, Play hard but alos Play Safe

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Billy Boy

Billy Boy are the condoms for you if you want to try ...

R 65,00

Durex XXL Condoms

These Durex XXL Condoms have been designed for men with a ...

R 220,00

Fruit Jazz | Rocky Condoms

Fruit Jazz Rocky Condoms

R 30,00

Glow in the dark Condoms

Glow in the dark Condoms is the perfect way to play hide ...

R 65,00

Prolong | Romantic Condoms

These Prolong | Romantic Condoms helps you prolong your ...

R 55,00

Ribbed Condoms | Manhood

These Ribbed Condoms have been designed to take sex to the ...

R 60,00

Sensitive Condoms | Masculan

These Sensitive Condoms are made to give you a natural ...

R 50,00

Smooth | Rocky Condoms

Smooth Lubricated Rocky Condoms

R 30,00

Strawberry Studded | Rocky Condoms

Strawberry Studded Rocky Condoms

R 30,00

Super Long | Rocky Condoms

Super Long - delay condoms

R 30,00

Super Thin | Rocky Condoms

Super Thin Rocky Condoms

R 30,00

Condoms for Men

Be bad, be dirty but be safe too with Condoms for Men. You will feel the difference, the higher pleasure and preformance...The sexiest sex is always sex that is safe. Compliment your own sexy way with quality condoms to make everything feel even better.

Durex Condoms to Ribbed Condoms and Flavoured Condoms

We have condoms for every preference, shape, size and type available at Secret Corner. Choose from our many Flavoured Condoms, Scented Condoms, Ribbed Condoms and more. Keep yourselves sexy and safe, we have all the condoms for a smooth slide or rough ride but to keep you on the safe side.

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