Malesation Nubby Sleeve
Malesation Nubby Sleeve
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Malesation Nubby Sleeve


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Boost your length, width and take longer to orgasm with Malesation Nubby Sleeve. The sleeve adds pleasure with it knobs and bumps. Ergonomically designed to fit most penis sizes, providing men with extra length and width as well as added pleasure for their partner.

The Malesation Nubby Sleeve is soft and hygienic, easy to clean  and non porous. Use with your favourite water based lubricant for added fun.

Product Features
Length: 13.5cm
Width: 3cm

Added Extras: knobs for added simulation



Why Malesaton? Because it is the most innovative male masturbation sex toys around. Each Malesation sex toy has been individually produce.With over 160 sexy items to choose from, including dildos, and harnesses for the best in anal fun. You can't go wrong. Choose the sex toy with muscle in mind.
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