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guide to using and choosing lubes

Your Guide to Using and Choosing Lubes


best waterbased lubes

Your guide to choosing a lube made easy.

Lube is one of the best bedroom enhancers out there. 

We believe that pleasure is a fundamental aspect to a safe and healthy sex life. A good lubrication is no exception.

You know the sign that says. “SLIPPERY WHEN WET” ? Well, that is what you are looking for. 

But, what to choose? There are so many different brands, some are silicone based, anal lube, flavoured lubes and an array of water-based lubes that tingle or warm. 

What Type Should You Try?

There are different types of lubricants out there, so when choosing on that is best for your, get to know the difference.

  • Water
  • Silicone
  • Oil
  • Hybrid (combining a few of the above.

It is important that you know what you are looking for when choosing a lube. Cheap and nasty? Depends, you may find yourself using a bottle in one session, or staining your new sheets, or sofa for that matter. But cheaper is not necessarily nasty. 

Lubrication enhances sex, masturbation and generally gives your nether region a feeling of satisfaction and well-being.

Lushka stock

There are healing ingredients like Aloe Vera in certain lubricants or opt for something like a Repair glide that has regenerative hyaluron for a stressed out and irritated dry vagina. These lubricants have been specifically blended to ease irritation. 

Women needing or wanting to use a lube; its often misconstrued as a hormone deficiency, age or not being interested, and, so on. Lose that notion and bust that myth. Lubes are wonderful! Not using a lube is doing your body and your sex life a dis-service.

Lube is the number one bedroom  enhancer around; and no sex toy matches up to it’s full potential without a good helping of lube. 

Slick and wet and more enjoyable solo play and a wet vagina is a huge turn on, letting you go that extra distance; comfortably.  A dollop of lube before you give your guy ready for some sexy pleasure, is essential and get him from zero to hero in seconds.

Less Is Not More.

The good thing about lube is that it goes a long way, and we encourage people to use lavishing of lube, for masturbation, sex, anal play and generally keeping the vaginal tissue nice and moist, and to always keep it handy. 

Too much friction can be uncomfortable, causing tearing and burns; yet, friction stimulates the nerves and allow for feelings of pleasure.  If there is no friction, it is not going to be fun. Think of it as rug-burn on your vagina and trust me, the penis takes a shaving as well. Lots of lube.

No matter what type of lube you are looking for, there are a factors that you should keep in mind, according to research carried out. 

“Common chemicals used [in lube] are parabens, propylene glycol, phthalates, and glycerine, and these can all potentially cause irritation and possibly infection,” says Dr. Eilber. “FDA clearance is another important consideration…lubricants are considered a medical device and FDA clearance can help reassure consumers that the lubricant has gone through extensive testing.”

An important factor when it comes to choosing your lubricant. 

We love supporting local business and have had the most amazing reviews on Lushka – A Proudly South African Product – that goes a long way.

Read the labels or chat to your consultant. Look out for Vegan lubes, that contain no parabens or harmful ingredients that can cause irritation. 

Once you have found the best lube there are many different ways to spice up your love life with a good selection of lubricants, serums and glides.

In fact, according to a 2009 Indiana University study of 2,453 women, participants reported that, more than 70 percent of the time, lube made sex more pleasurable and enjoyable.

In The Tub or Pool

We seldom advise a silicone based lubricant for women, but in this instant, a silicone lube will stay and keep the glide going in water. The body’s natural lubricant gets washed away with all that friction going on. Have silicone lube in your selection, anyway.

Masturbation and Lube

Imagine your favourite vibe sliding between your legs with a good lashing of energising lube? Use over the clitoris, on the tip of your vibrator and feel the difference. Use only water based lubricant on your sex toys. Silicone lubes will deteriorate the soft rubber or degenerate the body safe silicone in the sex toy.

There are excellent water based lubes that are infused with energising ginseng, and capsicum, or even Japanese Spearmint. All these are key ingredients in stimulating that vagina, by surging blood flow into the area making it more sensitive. So besides a wet vagina, you have a lovely sensitive and orgasmic vagina.  There are lubes that warm as they are applied, heating the area and some that cool, sending tingling sensations over the area when blown on. 

Guys, use a lube as you stroke your shaft up and down, give yourself the real feel being enveloped in a wetter sensation. As for women’s sex toys, gents, your lubricant should also be water based. Your Fleshlight, or cock ring will last longer using a lube that will not degenerate your helping hand.

With so many masturbating toys for men available, there are brands that are made specifically with men in mind.  

Condom Friendly

All lubricants are made condom friendly. You may find condoms that already have a splash of lube on it. To add a little more glide, before you unroll your condom, add a drop of water based lube on the inside for an extra sensitive glide and ride.

Edible Glides and Flavoured Lubes

Flavoured lubes

The assumption that oral sex does not need a lube, the mouth does that for you. There are some juicy and delicious combinations of fruity flavours, salted caramel and mint, to name but a few. The idea of applying a drizzle of flavoured lubricant or edible glide in an exotic combination of flavours will enhance oral play.

Anal Lubes


When you discuss anal sex your mind automatically goes to lubricant. Lube, lube and more lube.

Anal sex will always require a lubricant. Unlike the vagina that lubricates naturally (a good helping of lube is still an excellent idea) – However, anal play and anal lubricant go hand in hand. 

Without a lubrication, anal play can be painful and even cause mild tearing and bleeding. The anal canal is very sensitive tissue. 

Choose a lubrication specifically for anal play. Some have a relaxing ingredient, that will relax the sphincter, or something to soften the bum, more specifically what we do say. DO NOT NUMB THE BUM! Using a numbing lubrication for anal play is dangerous. Any tearing  will go unnoticed, this has potential to cause infections. Make your anal play as fun as possible. 

Keep it Handy

You never know when you are going to need  your lubricant. Keeping it simple is easy with sachets to keep in your purse like condoms. 

Keep your favourite masturbation lube next to the bed, your spicy lubes for hot nights, keep your edible lubes in a safe place, they are so delicious your might find them being used to make ice lollies. 

What ever you choose to do, do one thing. Invest in a lubricant that suits both your body and your budged without compromising on your sexual health. 

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