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Yes! Men Can Multiple Orgasm Too

Most know and understand the male orgasm as ejaculation. When it comes to multiple orgasms, sadly, compared to women, men don’t hold the same advantage. Let it be known, guys can also achieve multiple orgasms. They just need to develop the understanding of how this is done.

What we think, is, that the male orgasm is ejaculation. This could not be further from the truth. Both are two separate processes, controlled by different parts of the brain and nervous system.

If you are dying to try it, then you need to understand how to handle each reflex independently.

As we know, an orgasm refers to the pleasurable sensation achieved during the height of sexual arousal. Ejaculation is the release of semen. This is also responsible for the, “refractory period, “or the time post orgasm. This is the phase when guys are unable to get another erection. The refractory period is natures way of allowing the body to rest and reboot. If ejaculation can be avoided, men can avoid the limitations it places on the body to keep it going.

There are easy ways to accomplish this. It’s called the, “squeeze technique.” This is when men feel the urge to orgasm, pull out, place your finger and thumb around the shaft of the penis and squeeze. The pressure on the urethra helps prevent ejaculation. The aim is to come as close to orgasm as possible.

If you can ride the waves of pleasure for as long as possible without release, you will learn to ride the waves of multiple orgasmic pleasure. Of course, “pulling out”, isn’t the ideal means of pleasing your partner. So, here are other ways to achieve that multiple orgasmic phase.

Start off my strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. Yes, men have Kegels too. These are the muscles that stretch between the tailbone and pubic bone. The easy way to discover this is to head off to the “Heads” and start stopping or slowing down the urinating process. This requires you to engage those pelvic floor muscles. The stronger they are, the easier it will be to perform the, “squeeze technique” without using your hands.

And then there is the prostate! Also known as the male G-spot. This walnut sized gland is located at the root of the penis, just below the bladder. This is loaded with sensitive nerve endings that are wonderfully pleasurable when stimulated. The area can be found externally via the perineum. But, direct stimulation via actual anal penetration is best as this kind of stimulation is not only associated with ejaculation but allows individuals to achieve orgasm repeatedly.

If you have not yet reached the idea of anal play, there are other ways to stimulate and explore. Nipple stimulation activates the same part of the brain that genital touch inspires. It is possible that stimulating other erogenous zones could lead to similar semi-orgasmic experiences.

Guys typically take about five minutes to orgasm whereas women generally take about 20 minutes to hit the spot. The longer men can last in bed the better her chances of reaching orgasm are. And that gents, is what we want!

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