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Working in an Adult Shop – What we want you to know

Working in an adult shop is by far a daunting experience, but more so a very rewarding and embracing one. We find means to encourage you to pop in and discover the latest in adult shopping – we are seldom daunted.

An adult shop is your safe haven to choose openly and freely your personal sexuality without fear of being judged or looked at with one eye shut! But encourage you to choose and be as open in your sexual freedom as you want to be and do our utmost to ensure that what you are looking for, we will have or get for you. That is the nature of our business.

Do we play with the sex toys? Of course, we do! But not in the way you might think. We check them out, ensure that they are charged enough so our customers can feel the good vibrations, we also put various items in a bowl of water to validate them being totally waterproof – and it also makes for excellent marketing material – watching the little dolphin flip and splash around in a bowl of water.

Yes, I do discuss the items with my friends around the table – the double dongs, or the fists, or the dildos that would daunt the feint hearted. These are, besides friends, potential clients. And what is good for some may be educating for another. We inspect each item thoroughly to understand how they work to ensure that each item, when chosen will give a magical and exciting sexual experience to the person receiving it.

We discuss size, the shape and textures with our customers. Adding a wholesome dollop of your favourite water-based lube, will ensure that the size will in fact slip in effortlessly. And anal is an openly discussed entity between couples and we assure them the ultimate in service and understanding as to the safety in using anal toys. We research the latest in anal play and speak with conviction on the latest in anal play.

We are not sex workers –  At times we think we might be misconstrued as one, given some of the questions we are asked and a few of the requests that are flung at us – we, however flip it over our broad shoulders and offer our professional services, leaving our sex work seeker a little taken aback with information given; and the majority of our customers leave with a feeling of empowerment – in that they were able to discuss openly their sexuality, or that of their partners. We do our homework and ensure that our customers feel safe and will not end up in the emergency room with roof top testosterone levels or to have a vibrator retrieved from their colon. Sex is our business and we take it seriously.

Lube is a rather shunned question. Listen. Everyone needs lube. There are reasons lube is needed. Women have hormone changes, or medication plays an enormous part in the wetter is better phase of sex. Lubricants are by far the best thing you could add to your sex life. Wetness does not depend on the level of arousal; which seems to be the consensus. Ladies. Lube is your best friend.

We dont search for your name when we receive your online order. Your privacy is essential to us. Your items are sent via a reputable courier service, addressed to you, unless otherwise stated. You receive your package, wrapped with a huge satin bow – who would have thought – shopping for your sex toys could be such and exciting experience.

We are on the ball and ensure that your intimate shopping experience is something you will want to return for – and when adding to your toy box, you know exactly where to come. And yes, pun intended!

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