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Hello December

Hello december box

December is here and if anybody is having extreme fun? Well done.

We are putting all things that belong in the to do “Sex Bucket List” , out there. You’re going to want to keep this handy.

We don’t only want to spice up our sex lives, but hell, seriously? We have had it and everything else. We need to spice up our lives. Full stop.

Having said that, research shows, we should have a sex bucket list. It helps keep things fresh and spices up your entire relationship.

Then I got thinking. What about those who are not in a long term relationship? Do they not have the privilege of putting together a ‘Spice up Bucket List”? I believe it is an essential aspect of the 21st centaury, all things considered.

You’ve got to keep life exciting. In a relationship? Find time and reinvent your sexual repertoire. Invest in sexy board games, decks of cards and throw the dice for chance. Here? Where? Oh, Over there… open the forum to entice your partner to new and exciting adventures. 

Throw a Sexy Party

sex lights

We all have those friends who aren’t afraid to pull out all the stops and join in boots and all. Have a dress up theme, the sexier the better, bring on the whips and cuffs and prepare some dirty mouthed shots and decadent food. Winner takes all. Keep your eye on the prize. A sexy new sex toy? A couples board game? 

There is a lot of fun to be had with a sex board game or a deck of sexy cards. Suddenly you are forced to answer questions or do something a little unexpected; at the roll of the dice. 

sex card game - a year of aventurous sex positions game card examples

Party for Two

sexy gift

Start the afternoon with some sensual sexting between the two of you. By the time you get home and get ready to go, you’re both hot and bothered… don’t give in. Let it linger and carry on with the game. Choose your most adulterated lingerie, make sure you leave nothing to the imagination, and let him know.

A sneak preview. Lube up your bits with some tingling lube or serum and massage his penis with some energising lube just before you step out of the door.

Do you think you will in fact make it out of the door? 

App Controlled Toys.

bluetooth app vibes

I believe that app controlled are the new Netflix. The have opened Pandora’s box to new and exciting adventures and taken you away from your TV and, amid the chaos, given you something to brag about. You have handed over the controls to your partner and given them control of your orgasm. 

Hit The Dance Floor


Hopefully you are wearing your Lovense Club Vibe and standing in front of the loudest speaker and those rhythms are sending waves all over and he is watching you. Are you going to make it home?  He does have control of the remote. 

The Lovense Remote Control Hush butt plug will have him jiving on the dancefloor. The three powerful vibrations will hit his sweet spots while you control the app via your mobile phone. 

Be the Dessert

body chocolate

There are some tasty edible glides that are so juicy and packed with delicious flavours. Intimate Earth Cheeky Apple, Naughty Nectarines to name but a few. Opt or some Shunga dark or white chocolate body paint.

Build a Fantasy Box

fantasy box

Put Together a Fantasy Box. Decide on what you want to add to your pleasure. Sensual, a bit of control (light bondage) lingerie or whatever tickles your fantasy. 

We will build your Fantasy Box for you, designed to your specifications. Decide what you want to explore and let us know we will put together something unbelievable and deliver it to your partner. surprise them with something least expected.  

Go Sex Toy Shopping

Now that is the ideal idea for a date. Go sex toy shopping together. If you get it right you will be in for an eventful shopping experience. There are things to feel and and the information you receive is full on and no stone is left unturned. Your consultant will give you all the ins and outs of the latest sex toys on the market. There are amazing items to choose from. 

Couples toys are an eventful adventure to embark on together, but so are different textured lubes and serums. Open the back door. And discover the fun in anal play. 

When you have the items in front of you, you get to feel and experience the different vibrations and see the different features get the lowdown from your very well versed consultant.

Sex on the Beach

Yes. Sex on the beach is not just a bright blue drink with the kick of a donkey. There are so many exciting cloves up and down the coast that you can strip naked and bare out your bits for some naked sun tanning, skinny dipping and some rampant love play in the dunes. What you need is some very good silicone on the beach

Silicone lube is best for sunny beach fun as it works well in the water and lasts longer, ideal for some outdoor fun. Remember, a silicone lube is not good for your toys. But for some out door and under water romping? It’s perfect. Choose something that is slick and silky.

Single and Ready to Mingle?

Don’t just sit there and stare! You owe it to yourself to invest in some sassy fun. Read a sexy red hot novel? Get your pens out and write an erotic story, start a sexy blog. Paint evocative picture. Keep those juices flowing. 

There is no reason to sit and wait for something sexy to come along.

Own your sexuality. Wear those sexy knickers and head off to the bar on your own. Slip in those Kegel balls and feel them as you move about. Add to the pleasure, get your Pleasure Air Technology clitoral stimulator and end the day off with a whopping bang.

What’s New Guys? 

Gents, let me tell you this. Scrotum or Ball stretchers have become quite a trend and from what we have researched, and the feedback we have received,  the orgasms from wearing a stretcher is nothing short of mind blowing. 

There are some tasty new and luscious Fleshlight Girls to tantalise you – or invest in the latest hands free vibrating cock ring and add some extra pleasure to your playtime with your partner. 

We love the Nos by Fun Factory. They never fail with their rumbling deep vibrations.

fun factory nos vibrating penis ring sea blue in hand 


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