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happy father - sex toys for fathers day

Top 5 Sex Toys For Father’s Day

daddy - fathers day

We look at the top 5 sex toys and tips to be the sexy goddess on fathers day!

Kids are giving Dad a card. What are YOU giving the man in your life?

Step aside the obvious tie or chocolates (unless its to devour off your belly).

Take your man on a journey he is not expecting. We are going to make choosing something a little different, easy.

Men feel a lot of pressure during the year, it’s been a strange time. Why not have some fun this year. 


Pleasure is the ultimate gift you can give and it will be the gift that keeps on giving. You want him to feel good, feel adored. Create your own celebration.


NUEI – THOR Fire Gel is the sensational gel that is applied to the erogenous zones. Ignite a tingling and heating sensation that increases gradually.

Thor Gel is one of the most potent and long lasting orgasm intensifiers. Excellent as a prelude. Not only with the heat rise in him, but you will be equally as turned on. 

Put a Ring on It

Cock rings are highly effective for longer lasting and bigger erections. Who does not want that? 

Look Here:

cock rings vibrating

Add a bit of a buzz by choosing something that gets you going as well. We love the Happy Rabbit Cock rings, those bunny ears are going nowhere, but fluttering over your clitoris!

The latest Malesation Spanning Vibrating Ring is a perfect choice for couples play too. The Vibro penis ring has two motors for ultimate pleasure. Designed for longer lasting and stronger erections. Get your groove on together. Flexi one finger operation, for sexy fun.

Give him Some Head


The Quickshot Vantage Masturbator by Fleshlight is compact and completely clear for some visual fun. Designed with a winding and grinding texture to get those sensations up a gear or two. The double open ends makes it ideal for solo flying or add it to your blow job or hand job pleasure. 


All men love a bit of head! Find the time and perfect the art of giving a mind blowing blowjob! 

popclilie lips

Add to the experience, something that you will enjoy too.

We simply love the Oral Pleasure Glide by Intimate Earth. Yummy and silky and delicious. Become a wild cherry in the bedroom with this give and take gift. Deliciously decadent oral pleasure glide.

Men love to feel connected to their lovers. They want to know that you are as satisfied when you are pleasing them as well. You cant go wrong with making him feel like the after dinner mint!

Try a new position. Invest in a few props to add to your bedroom play. 

Men are visual creatures and love to watch your body, let him. Get yourself into some new positions where he can see your curves. Be the ultimate gift yourself. 

Adult Board Games

This is both naughty and nice. A super sexy adult board game. The idea of rolling the dice, or challenging your man into interesting situations, answering questions you would not normally ask? These are more fun than you know. 

Adult Board Games open up avenues for new and different adventures to explore together. There are so many to choose from. Try Fetish, or Monogamy, have an affair with your lover. There is not time set. You just go with it.

moodz sexpert board game Lingering Lingerie

Stock up on some sexy lingerie. Your lingerie leaves and impact, every man will agree. Crotchless panties are totally wild and free. Get a lacy teddy that just covers, and leaves nothing to the imagination. Let his fingers to the talking.

All men have secret desires to be a part of your fantasy or you a part of his. Role Play. Dress up as a dominating teacher, get a riding crop and some light bondage play items. If you have never entered into light or any bondage play, now is the time. Let your wild side loose.

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