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Too Hot For Sex? Try These.

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We cant deny the heat has left us spent, out of breath and a shag the last item on our agenda.

But. We all want to get frisky, the heat and the sweat is sexy. Listless and jungle hot, which is: sexy.

It has been decidedly too hot for anything, let alone a good shag. With these interesting ways to beat the heat during sex and a bit of nookey will ease the summer blues and get you hot and sweaty in a delicious way.

Start The Aircon Beforehand

We know that electricity is not cheap or it in just not on! But leave the air con on so that when you get home or back from a rendezvous, the area is cool. No humid swamp heat to envelop your nooky time.

Turn The Fan Toward The Bed

The bed, the sofa, the kitchen table, wherever you choose, let the cool you down while you shuffle your bodies around. Feel the tingling gentle breeze while youre banging – Include some cooling gel or lube or massage oil and accentuate the cooling effect. 

Get Naked

Get naked well before the fact. Besides being a cool down, it is a hot turn on walking around naked while to get yourselves ready for the session. 


Use mint flavoured lube or oral gel while you go down on him. This will be the blow job of the centaury… but a little more appetising. Mint tricks the brain into forgetting how vile and hot it is outside.  Try some Oral Mints or Pecker Mints.

Baby, It’s Dark Outside

Keep the shades drawn, the blinds down and create the illusion of a sexual lair. 

This will keep the sun out during the day. We know a dose of vitamin D is  good for you, but pleasure rules.

Take Out The Ice

Make use of your ice tray. Ice brings down the temperature instantly. Run an ice cube down your lovers belly, between the thighs and in the nape of the neck. Not forgetting nipples and slipping a cube into the vagina and feel it melt.

No Contact

Opt out and away from missionary position. It’s boring anyway. You can go wild with penetration without body contact, or at least little body contact. Like “Doggy Style, slip and slide between the bum cheeks. Or get creative and use a few props, like a chair, so she can sit astride you and slide herself up and over your member. 

Hell, the possibilities are endless. Get as creative as you can- Like who said voyeurism was  no alive and well? In front of the open window, and let the breeze add to the tantalisation.

Slowly Does It

Gung Ho, Balls to the wall; is not someting you want to try during a heatwave. Keep your heartrate as low as you can. Instead of banging away, a little sensuous love making will take you the extra distance . And save your heart.

Wetter Sex

Head out to the pool. Remember that a good silicone lube will add extra pleasure to the adventure. the positions are endless in a swimming  pool. Obviously try not to gasp down too much water. Day or night, either way, it’s going to be a wet and wild ride.

Fly Solo

Nothing beats flying solo when you are just too spent to put too much effort into anything. Especially the heat.

Sex toys are the best for this and most reputable sex toys are waterproof and rechargeable so you can have sex toy will travel… anywhere you desire.

Remember. A tasty oral lube is handy to have, outdoors or indoors.

Mint, or cooling lube or massage oil; as we said tricks the brain to believe it is actually cold outside. (Im going to try that one for sure).

Well. Either way, when it comes down to it (pun intended) – We have to grin and bare it. Summer is summer and here in the good old RSA, when we are hot? We are very hot! Hot means SWEAT, nothing quite beats the slip sliding of two bodies getting their groove on. 





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